“young people,Since you are discovered,Then I will no longer hide.。”

Ghostwear with gray face to hold wooden box,Acknowledgment:“Be right,I am the Chinese brune law contemporary head,People send out the devil’s meat people’s ghosts。”
“Uh,What is the definition of Chinese boxing law??”
Liao Wenjie asked if he didn’t understand:“as far as I know,Our country martial arts hormon,From ancient times,The big and small martial number is not exhaustive,Is these all in your head??”
Ghost king blinks,The confirmation of the name of his own martial art,Transform:“This is a historical problem,I am going to get started.,Just know that our martial art is very powerful.。”
“It’s so powerful to hold grocery shop?”
“personal hobby。”
“Other disciples?”
“Generation single biography。”
Facing the issue of Liao Wenjie,Ghost Kings is clearly ready to prepare,Take over,Dust on the wooden box,Put the ten-yellow cheats spread on the desktop。
From the iron sand palm to the palm,From the diamist legs to the sky,Ordinary to peer,It is very comprehensive。
Liao Wenjie launched together,Not thick,Ten paper,Soon after reading it。
“what,How lastated pages were torn off?”
He pointed to the last page of the palm,Nine-style palm is not lacking,Only the last seal is gone。
“Have to say ancient books,It’s normal to miss a page.!”
“But this this has been torn off the last page.?”
“Prosthetic,Then you can walk.,This is all ancient books,Just pick one can do a baby.。”
Liao Wenji mouth,I know the lack of lack is publisher and print date.,Snorgens no longer mention,Straightforward:“Ghost,This is the price of the appointment.,First said,Since there is a residue,I will not give the whole price.。”
“ten bucks。”
Ghostwang gave a fair price。
Liao Wenjie is shocked,Ten dollars sell a lot,Ghost Wang is really a beggar.,Follow the road:“I am so cheap if I am appointed.,That iron sand palm is not only selling a piece?”
“mistaken,Iron sand palm cheats worth 500。”
Liao Wenjie,This question, he will not count。
“Because you have to learn, you can’t learn.,Otherwise, one million will not sell。”
Ghost Kings down the sound,High-defense:“If you come to God, you can talk to the opportunity and wisdom.,Playing is a big madness,Can’t、Not intelligent,Even if there is no martial arts,It is useless for a hundred years.,Learning will not learn will not。”
It is very reasonable to sound。
Liao Wenjie nodded,Recognizing that the Ghost Wang Dawn is tricking and down and down.,Continue to say:“What is the price of this solitary??”
“Twenty block,Plus a mystery,For you, do yourself together。”
“What,I have seen this two martial arts.。”
“Get inspiration from reality,Name is very normal。”
Asked the last,Liao Wenjie is extremely speechless,Ghost King Dado these cheats,In addition to martial arts such as iron cloth,The rest of the solitary sword、Jiuyin Zhenjing,No more than twenty pieces。
Rough reason, he can also guess,It is nothing more than the Ghost King, I’m practicing a class of iron sand palms.,Lie to handle,Not afraid of being demolished。