PS1:Checked for a long time,Didn’t find itIBMFirst equipped8086The specific time to market of the processor-based computer,Only found yes1978year,No specific month found,It’s already on the market at this time, right?。

PS2:Those who say three shifts will definitely be three shifts,This is the second more,Only the third one will be late,about11Point around。
PS3:Bros,It’s really not a thousand years without inspection,Check every time you finish writing,But check your own things,Can’t check it out many times……
PS4:I’m going to chop my hands tonight,Bros,treasure!
First57chapter Chen Geng who is suspected of having a problematic orientation
Chen Geng patiently waited for Elizabeth’s news,But the news of Elizabeth did not arrive,But waited for Anderson。
“boss,Fire!Our business is on fire!”Into Chen Geng’s office,The excited red-faced Anderson shouted happily。
Chen Gengxiao asked:“What’s hot?”
“Our second-hand car scrap business is booming!”Anderson excited:“boss,Do you know,We have now become the largest supplier of high-quality used car scrap parts in Detroit,Now the auto repair companies in Detroit come to our warehouse every day to pick goods,The three delivery vehicles are simply too busy。”
What’s the situation of my own business?,How could Chen Geng not know?But he understands why Anderson is so excited,Is there a share of his in it?,Of course happy,Smiled and nodded:“It seems that I was right when I decided to entrust this business to you。”
“Hehe……”Anderson touches his head,Seems a little shy。
“As a man,What’s so shy?You should hold your chest proudly,”Chen Geng honestly punched Anderson on the shoulder:“I can see how much you paid for this project,A month ago200The multi-pound fat man now only has180Multiple pounds,This is the best proof of your efforts。”
Anderson who has never had chicken soup before,Suddenly being poured into a bowl of chicken soup by Chen Geng,The whole person is immediately as comfortable as a horse killing a chicken:Yes indeed!I paid so much for this project,Isn’t it right to get these??