What business does Wells Fargo want?

After comprehensive weighing and calculation,AMCCar CEO Jack·Welch submitted an ambitious、Increase in the next five years100Capacity growth plan for 10,000 new car production capacity,Besides,In order to satisfy this newly added100Million capacity,Also build two supporting engine factories and two supporting gearbox factories,The total amount of funds required for the entire project is as high as12One hundred million U.S. dollars,Taking into account the factor of inflation,The final expenditure may reach14One hundred million U.S. dollars。
As soon as the production increase plan came out,The major U.S. banks are crazy!
from70After the world fell into an energy crisis at the end of the decade,The economy of the entire capitalist world headed by the United States has fallen into stagflation,And accompanied by terrible inflation,It is in this context,Sales of General Motors and Ford have dropped,Serious understart,To the extent that some of the production capacity had to be leased out。
The real economy is bad,It will inevitably drive the downward trend of virtual economy such as finance,Facing a declining economy,The bankers are going crazy,under these circumstances,AMCThe capacity growth plan that was thrown out immediately became the sweet pastry in the eyes of major banks.:If you can get this business in your hands,Good-looking financial statements are second to none,The point is that it can greatly increase the stock price、Boost the market’s confidence in its own bank。
But what drives the banks crazy is,AMCAnd Chen Geng’s own funds exceeded5100 million,Although there is still a big funding gap before the entire project,But to know,The entire project spans up to five years,The ability to make money from Chen Geng,He couldn’t make the remaining money in five years?
Who dares to say Fernandez·Chen can’t make an average of2100 million,The bankers didn’t believe it first:Just kidding!Don’t talk about anything else,Just look at Fernandez·Chen’sthinkcenterHow much profit can the computer and computer hypermarket bring him every year?Not to mention his used car business in all of the United States、Chain auto repair business、Income from film and television business and automotive business。
This also means,Don’t lookAMCInvestment in this plan,But as long as Fernandez·Chen Leyi,He can borrow a penny from the bank,Fully self-sufficient。
Banks are cheap,The more money you have,The more they want to lend you money,Because they don’t have to worry about your ability to repay,This is no exception since ancient times,This time too,Because don’t worryAMCAnd Chen Geng’s ability to repay,Morgan Bank、The four major U.S. banks headed by Wells Fargo,Frequent tricks,I just hope to get this business——As long as I can get this business,What a supermodel?What are social flowers?
“and many more……”Just signaled to Kelly·Hicks rejects John·Tostedt’s Chen Geng,Suddenly changed my mind:“What are the loan conditions given by Wells Fargo Bank?”
Reaction to my boss,Kelly·Hicks is not surprised,Said immediately:“Five-year loan,Annual interest2.3%,After the three-year period, you can apply for a three-year extension,Annual interest increased to3.6%。In addition, we can give you a total amount every year3000Ten thousand dollars、Interest-free loans not exceeding three months each time。
In addition,In the next five years,Wells Fargo Bank can2%Annual interest,Provide your Union Credit Bank no more than2Billion dollar bank loan dismantling。”
“that’s it?”
Chen Geng frowned,Somewhat not satisfied:Do you care about the interest??
Uh……I definitely care about interest,But when the conditions provided by the banks are similar,If you don’t have anything particularly attractive to me,Why should I take a loan from you??
“No more,”Kelly·Hicks nodded honestly,Then asked carefully:“What do you mean, boss……”