What is the background of these two mainland hawks?,Dare to show no face to the Chai clan,It’s like killing each other every minute。

Jiang Qizhi’s remarks,But Shao Chai really frightened,He is not sure that the other party is bluffing,Still really sure。
If because of myself,For a female star,And provoke strong enemies for the Chai family,This kind of thing is extremely unwise。
“This one,This one,Actually it’s not that serious。A little misunderstanding,Little misunderstanding。We have no grudges,You can’t be so serious!”Chai Shao forced a smiling face abruptly,Shook his head quickly and smiled。
Jiang Qi stared at him for a long while, not smiling,Finally he turned his gaze back to the side。
this time,The guests around can understand,Shao Chai!Chai Shao, who has always been defiant,Unexpectedly!
Suddenly,Everyone has a strong opinion of the two mainland high-rollers,Look at it again。
At this moment,Lu Menglin no longer plans to stay at the party,He smiled and bent his arms at Zhu Qiuhong,This is the posture to take the beauty away!
I don’t know Zhu Qiuhong shook his head,Go to Chen Jiannan,He held Chen Jiannan’s arm firmly and unusually。
This sudden change,But made Chen Jiannan a big red face。
His body trembles slightly,The whole person is stiff。
And this subtle change,Caught by Zhu Qiuhong,More sure of my choice。