What is going on with this body,Where does the divine power come from?

If I knew I had such supernatural power,I won’t let the two black men beat themselves into pigs in the morning!
However, when Qiao Tianyu sighed about his natural power,Dedicated George got up from the ground,Crying again and rushed to the edge of the rooftop。
Chubby face is not good,Rush up to hug George,But how could her small body hold George,Seeing that both of them are about to fall。
“and many more!I have a way!”
Just at this critical moment,Qiao Tianyu’s inspiration suddenly flashed,Hurriedly yelled at the two。
“Really?”George and Chuanqi turned their heads at the same time。
“What month is it now?”Qiao Tianyu asked。
“1994year7Month!you are silly!”Xiaopang’s face turned pale and Qiao Tianyu glanced at it。
This mind can’t even remember which year,I hope he can think of a good way?
“Correct!Yes1994year7month!”Qiao Tianyu said happily。
“If i remember correctly,The Chicago Board of Trade is1994year10Electronic trading system,And now it’s still open bidding for trading seats,right?”
“Yes indeed。”George said dazedly。