“Brother,Come and help me see this material。”Xin Zhao shouted towards Populus。

right now,He also has confidence in Populus’s stone betting skills,It was verified by Wang Laohan before。Even if it’s just luck,He also wanted to take this kind of luck。
Hu Yang and Hua Zai walked more than ten steps past,Also squat down。
The wool in front of me is a rectangular parallelepiped wool,30 cm long,About 20 cm wide,Looks more than ten centimeters tall。From the cut,Emerald performed very well,It is a kind of golden jade with high transparency。
“Kind of golden silk,Not bad!”Populus euphratica。
Gold wire species,Usually divided into silk、Messy、Black wire。
Golden silk jade belongs to middle and high-end jade,Relatively high price,Generally speaking, smooth silk is better than chaotic silk、Black wire is higher,The price of a gold wire pendant ranges from tens of thousands to 100,000。
Tracy in Shunsi,Distributed straight and parallel in the jadeite,There is also obvious directionality。Shunsi is the most beautiful of the golden jade、The most rare breed。
in fact,Except Sun Silk、Chaotic and black silk,There is another kind called Piansi。
The traces arranged in parallel are arranged too closely,To the naked eye,More like flakes than filaments,So called flakes。but,This kind of flakes,It’s easy to confuse with floating flower jade。
Want to distinguish these two varieties,About to pick up10Magnifying glass for observation。in the market,The acceptance of flakes is second only to Shunsi。
Shunsi’s golden jadeite is expensive。A shunsi gold jade bracelet,Can sell for a million yuan。
According to Hu Yang,This emerald planting water、The color height of the emerald green ribbon and the proportion of green silk,Will affect the quality of jadeite。
He glanced at the bottom price,Nine hundred thousand。This material,Hidden words,I’m afraid it will cost over ten million to win it safely。
“I know jade is good,Want to know,You think there are not many jadeites in this material,If you win 10 million,Worth it?”Xin Zhao asked。
Hu Yang watched for a while,This quality golden silk jadeite,A bracelet is estimated to cost more than two million。In other words,As long as you can pick up five bracelets,Is a steady profit。
After all, except for the bracelet,The material of the bracelet core can also be made into many pendants and the like。
Fortunately, this material is not very thick,Viewing range in Populus。He looked at it with perspective,Just a bracelet,At least six。