union:“So much!I’ve been waiting for your words!”

At this time,The union can organize workers to strike?
Wait a minute!
Just one step away,After the union went back, he excitedly told the workers:“Comrades,Damn Huang Shirente is not something,Just refused to give us a salary increase,Let’s strike,Don’t you give us a raise,Let’s not do it,You say roar or not roar?”
The workers said:“Don’t shout,Let’s quit,Huang Shiren won’t pay us wages,What shall we eat without salary?Forget it,Go back and wash and sleep,Go back to each house and find each mother,In fact, the current salary will also be……”
The heads of the union were immediately impatient:You don’t go on strike,Where do I start with my dignity and status?No way!Can’t let them go!Hurriedly stopped and prepared to go back to each house、Workers looking for their mothers:“Comrades, don’t go,Hear me out,I also think for your happiness?Unity is powerful!such,You don’t have to pay every month on weekdays6%As a dues to the union?,The union took out the money,To everyone during the strike,Huang Shiren won’t pay you wages during the strike,The union sends you!
Now everyone vote again,Let’s strike against Huang Shiren,Everyone said no to roar?”
The workers heard:what?There is such a good thing?Don’t work and still have money?Raise your hands immediately:“Roar!Roar!strike!strike!Send money!Send money!Boss,Can you strike every day in the future、Send money every day……Fucking!Which dogXTrick me?”
Then the next day,Huang Shiren, the boss of Zhengxiang, who was sleeping with his female secretary and assistant in his arms, was woken up by a call from his housekeeper.:“master,Something bad,Those damn spoilers are not working now,On strike,You can handle it quickly,We will lose a lot of money if we stop working for a day。”
Classmate Huang Shiren is dumbfounded,I don’t care about the female secretary and assistant,Stand up:“Fucking!”
Although the current union has become a black@society(such as1957In the year,American black@Help the boss to hold a meeting in New Yorkparty,Ready to nominate“Wulin leader”,Present56Big Black from all states in the United States@Senior head of the gang,Have22The head of the local union),But the rules are to be said,United States、And even the whole world of cooking,Procedural justice,Even if you did murder and arson,But as long as the procedure is just,Everything is easy to say,Otherwise, why are there so many lawyers in the United States??Not just to prove to the court“The reason why the police shot and killed the man who committed suicide,Is to stop his suicide”What……
“Gentlemen,This is the situation,”George·Walker stepped on the luxurious leather swivel chair,Waving his arms vigorously,Flushed with excitement:“That damn yellow-skinned monkey doesn’t pay attention to our union at all,We want that damn yellow-skinned monkey to know the power of our union!”
“Fuck him!”
“Let him know the power of our union!”
“George is right,Let that damn yellow-skinned monkey know that our union is not good for bullying……”