Do not eat breakfast often, your body protested?

Do not eat breakfast often, your body protested?

I would rather sleep for ten minutes in the morning and I wouldn’t be too lazy to eat breakfast. How many people are in this normal life? I don’t have breakfast for a short time. I feel that there is no problem in the short period of time. But in the long run, my body will be very hurt. I will not eat breakfast for a long time.Breakfast makes you slow and blunt. Breakfast is the source of energy for brain activity. If you don’t eat enough breakfast, you can’t supply enough blood sugar for consumption, you will feel tired, tired, unable to concentrate, lack of energy, and unresponsive.

2 Do not eat breakfast Chronic disease may “on” the body does not eat breakfast, resuscitate the beginning of a day of work, the body in order to gain motivation, will use the thyroid gland, parathyroid gland, pituitary gland and other glands, to burn tissue, in addition to causingIn addition to adenosine hyperactivity, it will cause the body to become sour and suffer from chronic diseases.

3, the injury is generally the time of the previous day’s dinner at around 20:00 in the evening, the next morning, more than 10 hours have passed, and oral administration is also subject to certain rules, in the morning, even without meals, stomach juice and bileIt will be secreted as usual, because the acidity of gastric juice is very strong, it is to preserve digestive food. If there is no food in the stomach, it will digest our stomach mucosa. If the gastric mucosa is often stimulated by stomach acid, it will lead to exhaustion, and serious may occur.ulcer.

4 do not eat breakfast constipation “out of the cage” in the case of three meals, the body will naturally produce gastric colon reflex phenomenon, simply to promote defecation; if you do not eat breakfast into habits, long-term may cause gastric colon reflex, resulting in constipation.
5 It is easier to be obese without eating breakfast. Some people think that not eating breakfast can reduce the intake of intake and reduce weight.

In fact, it is actually less nutritious. The first thing to consume is protein and protein. The last thing you consume is sputum, so don’t think that not eating breakfast will help to consume slightly.

  On the contrary, not eating breakfast will make more lunch and dinner, and the slim will not be fatter.

6 Do not eat breakfast will cause hypoglycemia, the human body experiences a night’s sleep, the body’s nutrition has been exhausted, blood sugar concentration is in a low state, do not eat or eat breakfast, can not fully replenish the concentration in time, there will be dizziness and palpitation in the morning,Symptoms such as weakness, lack of energy, and even hypoglycemia shock, affecting normal work.

7 Do not eat breakfast will cause gynecological diseases Many female friends will deliberately not eat breakfast, diet, in order to maintain the body, but this will seriously affect the health of the body, because no breakfast, the body will have no energy, the body of female friends willWill gradually become cold, thereby disturbing the function of the ovaries, leading to irregular menstruation, and even amenorrhea, in addition, it will cause pelvic inflammatory disease, annexitis and other gynecological diseases.

Therefore, female friends must eat breakfast and eat well.

8 people who are prone to stones and do not eat breakfast are more likely to suffer from stones, because the normal secretion of bile is to digest food. If you do not eat breakfast often, it will cause the reflux of bile, which will damage the gallbladder wall and lead to some useless mines.The deposition of matter eventually leads to gallstones.

Breakfast should pay attention to these cereals + protein + vegetable and fruit breakfast is the most important meal of the day, eating a nutritious breakfast, is beneficial to the health of the present, and is conducive to future health.

A nutritious and healthy breakfast should include a wealth of high-quality protein, a variety of minerals and vitamins. There is an important indicator of specific operations, which should include the three essentials of cereals, protein and vegetables and fruits.

  At the same time, breakfast is resolutely incompetent and greasy, because high-grade foods can cause insufficient blood supply to the brain, affecting the accuracy of the work of children and mental workers.

Eat too much greasy food in the morning, such as fritters, oil cakes, chocolate, hamburgers, etc. In the morning, it is easy to get sleepy, and the attention is not concentrated. After the fried flour, such as fritters, the nutrients are also destroyed.

If you eat eggs, try not to eat omelettes, it is best to eat cooked eggs.

If you get up, don’t eat breakfast immediately. Many people who get used to getting up early will eat breakfast immediately after getting up at 5 or 6 in the morning. They think that this can replenish their body in time, and it is also beneficial for the body to absorb.

But in fact, breakfast is too early to eat, not only is not good for health, but also may hurt the stomach.

During the nighttime sleep, most of the body’s organs are rested, but the digestive organs usually need to digest and absorb the dinner food. Usually, they usually enter the rest state until the early morning. If the breakfast is eaten too early, it will affect the rest of the digestive tract.In the long run, it will damage the rehabilitation function.

  The correct way: after getting up, you should first drink water to supplement the water consumed during sleep. After 20 to 30 minutes of activity, it is more appropriate to eat breakfast.

Do not eat while eating and digesting the stomach to gather a lot of blood for digestive activities, when the blood is dispersed to the limbs to provide energy for the limbs, resulting in insufficient blood supply to the digestive tract, and the empty volume of the stomach, easily causedindigestion.

Short-term can not see the bad, long-term will cause chronic superficial gastritis, indigestion, if you are anxious, it will cause appendicitis.

Children’s breakfast for children is a period of vigorous growth and development, supplemented with rich protein and calcium is very important.

First, eat a small amount of foods with high sugar content to prevent dental caries and obesity.

Children’s breakfast is usually best served with a glass of milk, an egg and a slice of bread, as the conditions permit.

Milk can be added alternately with beverages such as juice.

Bread can sometimes be replaced with biscuits or taro.

Teens have a quick body development during their youth, often with muscles and long bones. They need extra calcium, vitamin C, A and other nutrients to help the body grow and develop.

Therefore, the right breakfast for teenagers is a glass of milk, a fresh fruit, an egg and two or two dry points (mainly steamed bread, bread, biscuits, etc.).

Middle-aged breakfast people to middle-aged is “the autumn of many things”, shouldering work, family two major tasks, the body burden is relatively heavy, in order to slow down the aging process of middle-aged people, their diet is rich in protein, vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, etc., should keep low impurities, low content.

You can choose skim milk, soy milk and other beverages. The food is relatively simple, but don’t eat fritters, sweeter (added sugar) and other foods. Generally, bread and bread can be used, but the bread should not be oiled.It is.

You can also choose to eat a fruit.

If you want to eat eggs, don’t eat egg yolks, and if you eat some food, the nutrition is better.

Including onions, greens, and radishes.

But don’t need too much, just change some parts of the food.

I really don’t have time to have breakfast. I can try a cup of yam glutinous rice flour in the morning to save time and ease stomach health.