Listen to Xiang Chen,Su Pengzhen’s hearts are cold,However, what Xiang Chen said next gave hope to the three people’s eyes.。

“I don’t want to cause trouble for myself,So i won’t kill you,But you have to follow me!”
Xiang Chen’s words made Su Pengzhen three people quietly relieved,Anyway, I’m not afraid of not having firewood,As long as I can’t die,Revenge can always be planned slowly。
The door to the much-anticipated box was finally opened,Su Pengzhen, who was the first to move out, almost didn’t recognize him from the shift manager。It’s hard to recognize that the person with a swollen face like a pig’s head is Su Pengzhen,The manager on duty hasn’t had time to come forward to say hello,Su Pengzhen gave him a look。
Four figures walked out of the box one after another,Only a group of shockedKTVWaiter。
“The last person just now,Why wear a mask?”
Someone curiously asked。
“It must have been cleaned up by Su Ye!You didn’t see that Su Ye’s face was swollen,Think about how that guy can get better?Maybe the face is shaved off,That’s why I wear a mask。”
When someone asks a question, someone will answer it by relying on their own inferences,Then greeted a bunch of puzzled expressions。
“Shut up!I’ve finished my work?”
The duty manager looked back at everyone,The gossip crowd dispersed in an instant……
Night is getting deeper and deeper,But Han Yuxiang can’t sleep tossing and turning,The swelling and pain on the leg has begun to subside,But whether the part scratched by the dagger will leave scars is a nightmare that Han Yuxiang has been entangled with。I slept lightly twice,But every time I dream of leaving scars on my body,And then wake up,I looked at the alarm clock beside the bed but found that an hour has not passed。
When upset,Heard the doorbell,Korean Xiang moved to the door little by little,No figure in the door mirror,Opened the door but found that Su Pengzhen and the three were tied into a ball and placed in front of him。
“Police save me!”