really,Elizabeth gave a sweet smile,Nodded:“Mr. Lu is really a business wizard,I can’t hide anything from you。By your age,Facing the temptation of billions of dollars,I can still hold my breath,Too tough!”

This is a flattery from the negotiating opponent,Not light or heavy,Just right,And the flatterer is a big foreign girl,This is for ordinary men,It’s a great satisfaction。
“Okay!When you can earn one billion dollars by yourself,It won’t be weird。”Lu Menglin said neither salty nor light。
“Thanks for pointing!I will work hard!Our conditions are simple,I hope with you,And your Menglin Group reached a strategic cooperation,Then put my business name on your game platform。”
Elizabeth said this,Deliberately paused,Say in a passionate tone:“I have a dream!Just like Mr. Jobs,Use technology to change the world!”
“Me and my team,Independently developed an epoch-making product,Micro-volume blood test。simply put,It uses a drop of blood to detect multiple indicators of the patient,So far we have achieved one or two drops of blood,Can detect more than two hundred human indicators,We have directly reduced the cost of blood tests for Americans from fifty dollars to less than three dollars!”
Hear the more and more passionate product introduction of Miss Elizabeth,The bodyguards in black suits all around showed their admiration,Even frantic eyes。
Because the lady in front of you,Not only pay them a high salary,But also determined to change the world with technology,no doubt,She is a great woman!
Even Liu Niu’er was a little fascinated,A pair of old eyes sparkling,Because he has smelled the huge business opportunities this woman brings。
If this technology is promoted,Will really change the world!At least it can change many countries and regions on the planet that have backward medical standards,So that countless poor people can improve their health。
And take a populous country like China as an example,Just the introduction and use of this technology,The commercial value generated is inestimable。
This kind of fame and fortune,Can’t miss it,Whoever misses is stupidX!
“This latest blood test patent technology,Has obtained the former U.S. Treasury SecretaryGSMr,Former Secretary of State Kissinger’s identification and participation,And has a well-known Silicon Valley investorTD,Founder of OracleLE,It also includes many such as the media mogul Mr. Murdoch