Chapter Seventy Five Return

We will use this money as the foundation for overseas investment,Invest in the right project!
We established another offshore investment company,Paradise Capital!
This investment company is responsible for the operation of this fund。
Now take out all of Li Qiankun’s assets,There will be a certain loss,But in the long run,This can avoid accidents in the future,Cause greater losses!
Unceasingly,Will suffer。
When Li Qiankun knew about this,,We have finished!
I heard it sold for 3.1 billion US dollars,He was very surprised。
“I thought I could sell for a billion dollars,You can actually sell at this price,Really amazing!”
Li Qiankun sighed and said:“Your concerns are justified,I feel something is wrong recently,Seems to have been monitored!”
Listen to him,I suddenly felt a little in my heart!
“Then you pay attention to safety,Let me inquire,What has changed。”
I called Song Wei,He has been staring at Li Qiankun,In case something goes wrong。
Song Wei did find something wrong。
Confirmed by inquiring,Li Qiankun was targeted by Australian police!
They are definitely not for justice,But want to do something with Li Qiankun。
Li Qiankun has dealt with many people in related institutions,Naturally know a lot of secrets。
Australia has always been the lackey of Tajikistan,If you can pass Li Qiankun,To make some articles,Can realize the secrets of Tajikistan!
I think this matter must be handled well,Otherwise, Li Qiankun is not just losing freedom。
I made a call with the security department manager who has established contact,Explain this situation!