What are the benefits of vegetarian diet?

Keep in mind the four major considerations

What are the benefits of vegetarian diet?
Keep in mind the four major considerations

Vegetarianism is a major feature of Buddhism. Nowadays, there are many people who advocate vegetarian health. The reason why vegetarian health can be welcomed by people is that it has its merits. So, what are the benefits of vegetarian health?

  1, lighter weight.

Vegetarians are lighter than meat eaters because of the extra misfortunes.

  2, reduce the chance of cancer.

Some studies have pointed out that meat has a close relationship with colon cancer.

  3, early without parasites.

Several parasites are placed in the transformed parasites through the infected meat.

  4, longevity and longevity.

According to nutritionists, vegetarians are more likely to live than non-vegetarians. People in northern Pakistan and Indians in central Mexico are primitive vegetarians with an average life expectancy.

The sorghum of Buddhism also has a high life.

  5, lowering cholesterol levels.

The cholesterol contained in the blood of vegetarians is always more than the meat. If there is too much cholesterol in the blood, it often causes blood vessel injection, which is the main cause of high blood pressure, high blood pressure and other diseases.

  6, reduce the burden on the kidneys.

Waste from various higher animals and humans is brought to the kidneys through the blood.

The meat used by meat eaters, when it contains animal blood, adds to the burden on the kidneys.

  7, easy to store.

Plant proteins are usually easier to store than animal proteins.

  8, the price is low.

Plant protein is cheaper than meat.

  9, in line with ecological principles.

Produce one pound of the required land to produce ten pounds of vegetable protein.

Many ecologists predict that a population explosion will cause the world to be vegetarian.

  10, rich in change.

Vegetarian housewives often find that the use of plant-based protein is better than the use of ordinary meat to burn excellent flavors, and the production method is also rich, and can cause good appetite.

  4 big notes on vegetarian food should be kept in mind. 1. Don’t think that all fruits and vegetables can be eaten raw and washed to prevent insects and pesticides.

Starch, such as raw potatoes, is not easy to digest.

  2, do not put the effective part, but also give up the food and fruit, unless it is difficult to digest, or poisonous.

It is said that the leaves of radish contain four times more calcium than roots, and other vitamins are more than roots.

You may wish to eat fried tofu with oil.

The minerals of the Ma Ling Department are four times more than Pirin.

Celery, we often remove the leaves, if it can be used is very nutritious.

Eat carrots, mainly vitamin A, but the skin contains twenty-five times the roots.

The leaves are fried, with seasonings, and they are very refreshing.

  3, do not eat one for a long time, two kinds of fruits and vegetables because of certain fruits and vegetables, have a certain flavor and different nutrition, if you can alternately eat, it is easier to get balanced nutrients, but also more fresh.

  4, do not wait until the fruits and vegetables lose their original flavor to eat, so the fruit should maintain its freshness, that is, maintain the nutrients.