Tea health taste tea

Tea health taste tea

The health of the tea health taste tea has not yet dispersed, and tea friends have begun to wait for the autumn tea to go on the market.

You must also be surrounded by friends who are addicted to tea: no matter where you go, where to mention the big tea pot or when you love your pastime, you can make a kung fu tea.

Drinking tea has become an indispensable part of tea friends’ lives.

  However, do you know that tea has already quietly “transformed” around us, and we can fully enjoy the full-scale “tea life” in addition to “tea drinking”.

  Green tea turned into “matcha” Matcha is a 20-2 micron covered, steamed green tea ground with natural stone grinding.

It is a green food raw material that combines natural green, aroma, nutrients and health care functions.

  Matcha food has always been a big love for women who are losing weight or attaching great importance to keeping fit.

Because it takes into account the nutritional value and health value of drinking tea and eating tea.

So, when you eat the tempting matcha mousse cake, matcha ice cream or matcha chocolate, don’t worry about excessive high calories, because those super fine green tea powder will help you “kill” these distances.
  Green tea beauty into a new fashion “from the ancient beauty is like a good.”

It can be seen that the relationship between “beautiful people” and “佳茗” has been associated with this one thousand times.

Studies have shown that green tea has the effect of beauty and beauty.

In the past, female consumers used to drink tea for the purpose of beauty. Nowadays, more and more green tea skin care products are coming out. The green tea beauty industry has become a new fashion that pursues natural skin care and health and beauty.

  A green tea series from a Korean company is an early green tea skin care brand launched in Asia. Shiseido Japan has launched a green tea men’s aftershave, as well as a Japanese green tea cleansing cream from Shu Uemura.

Recently, European and American brands have also launched green tea skin care series, water O2 H2O green tea antioxidant cream, French Lancome green tea beauty series . This use of green tea itself has a soft, clean functional skin care method has been unanimously recognized by the public.

  In the early days of “tea pillow” and “tea fiber” bedding products, we used the dried pillows of soaked tea leaves to transform traditional products through modern technology development. The functions and fashion elements of “tea pillows” have been comprehensivelyImprovement.

  During sleep, the bursts of aromas of the “tea pillow” can improve sleep and refresh the role of indoor air.

“Tea fiber” is a kind of fiber with antibacterial and deodorizing function made from natural antibacterial agent extracted from tea. It can relieve daily stress in combination with bedding products, help rest and sleep, and environmentally friendly and non-polluting fabric is also healthy.Living in the living room adds charm.

  Tea becomes a “big meal” content, tea has heat and detoxification, thirst, anti-fatigue, digestion, greasy, detoxification, diuretic, anti-tumor, blood pressure, radiation, eyesight, liver and other effects, is a natural health food.

  The most common tea meal in peacetime is probably the well-known “tea egg”, but the tea meal is far more than that.

Due to the mild nature of the tea, the properties are easy to blend and match with other ingredients, and the effect of the greasy and flavor-enhancing effect, so many restaurants will put the tea into the dish and become a delicious tea meal.