Free time at home bubble feet

Free time at home bubble feet

To sleep well, first let go of the footsteps, say, do not sleep, first sleep.

An important reason why some urbanites find it difficult to get to sleep at night is that they extend the excitement of work or entertainment during the day to night.

Especially for teachers, white-collar workers, the pace of their work is inherently tense, coupled with the recent financial crisis, the psychological pressure can be imagined.

“Heart” is uneasy, and insomnia is enough.

  Director Zhuang Lixing said that to make the brain switch from excited state to quiet state, the foot can be well adjusted in the axial direction.

Because hot water can make the blood vessels of the foot expand, eliminating fatigue, and the various parts of the human body can find corresponding reflection areas in the foot, soaking feet can also adjust the organs and calm the mind.

In order to have a sufficient transition time for the transition of the body state, the optimal time for the foot bath is half an hour to one hour before going to bed.

  Soaking out health to properly add different herbs in the foot bath, some of the body can not prevent the auxiliary adjuvant treatment.

The following is the prescription for the foot bath recommended by Director Zhuang Lixing: Basic: Angelica, Chuanxiong, Aiye, and Perilla leaves each 50-100g, add appropriate amount of water to cook, boil and then put into the white water with suitable temperature.Can qi and blood, Shutong meridians.

  Dysmenorrhea, irregular menstruation: on the basis of the basic side, add frangipani, 20-30 grams of rose and 50-100 grams of red peony, cook as above and mix into the white water of suitable temperature, add twoThe vinegar around the spoon can regulate blood circulation and regulate blood circulation.

  Insomnia and more dreams: On the basis of the basic side, add 50-100 grams of jujube kernels, cook as above and mix them into the white water with suitable temperature to soothe the nerves.

  Chronic chronic disease: On the basis of the basic side, add fragrant, 50-100 grams of dried ginger, cook as above and mix it into the white water of suitable temperature, add two spoons of white or yellow wine, can warmThe stomach is dispelling cold, and the gas is ventilated.

  Headache, migraine: On the basis of the basic side, add white peony, 50-100 grams of vines, and cook in the above method and redeem into the white water with suitable temperature.

  High blood pressure, high blood fat, high cholesterol: on the basis of the basic side, adding two spoons of vinegar around the sputum, can pass through the active, leading to cellulite and blood pressure.

  Small feet to raise the feet: 1 The time of boiled herbs should not exceed half an hour.

Because Ai Ye, Perilla leaves and other Chinese medicines that are scattered and fragrant, boiling for too long will make their fragrances volatilize, greatly reducing their efficacy.

  2 foot bathing is not a winter patent.

The average person is used to the winter bubble only because the foot bath will make the body more comfortable. In fact, the use of medicine in the spring, summer and autumn seasons is also beneficial to the body’s absorption.

To be healthy, you must persevere.

  3 pay attention to individual differences.

Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and treatment, and the same disease treatment method is different for different people.

The above is only for the public, an auxiliary prescription for the treatment, to make the foot pedals have a targeted effect, the individual is best to follow the doctor’s instructions.

  Soaking feet pay attention to the length of the three “degrees” foot bath time: the foot bath time should not be too long, about 20 minutes is appropriate.

At present, there is a saying in the workshop that it is effective to soak the feet to the body to sweat.

In progress, Director Zhuang Lixing pointed out that it is more difficult to soak in the feet with white water, unless it is added to the foot bath.

Whether the body is slightly sweaty and cannot be used as a criterion for whether the foot bath time is long enough.

  The depth of the foot bath water: the depth of the water should be immersed in the calf to fully expand the blood vessels, effectively exerting the drug effect.

  The temperature of the foot bath water: the water temperature is not as high as possible, it is best to control it in about 45 seconds.

In particular, patients with diabetes and high blood pressure must strictly control the temperature.

Because diabetes often causes peripheral nerve damage, resulting in sensory disturbances in the hands and feet of patients, the feeling of temperature is far less sensitive than ordinary people, so it is easy to burn when soaking feet, and it is difficult to cure after burns.

Hypertensive patients have weaker blood pressure regulation ability, which can easily cause blood pressure to rise when they are soaked, so they should stop immediately if they feel dizziness and discomfort.