“no need,You sleep for a while,I should go back to the mountains“Wang Youcai’s voice just fell,The phone in his pocket rang。

He took it out and took a look,The call came from home,He quickly connected。Dad Wang Degui’s voice came over the phone:“Rich!There was a call from where the prison last night,Say your brother wants to see you,Then go over and see him,Bring him something by the way“
“Oh!I know,Don’t worry about this,I will go to see Big Brother“Wang Youcai said,Hung up。It stands to reason that this is his own brother,No need for parents to say that he should visit him often,But his big brother,It’s really hard for him to be a younger brother。
Thought for a while,Wang Youcai walked out,While calling Tian Wa,Arrange for him to take the shuttle bus back to Chenzhuang,He is going to see his elder brother in prison。Although there is Liu Changgui looking after,If Hu Huiru or Feng Yan suddenly pass by,Liu Changgui can’t handle it alone。There is a baby in,This situation is very different。
Wang Youcai arranged for Tian Baby,So I went to find his broken jeep。
First1684chapter A little downwind
This man’s life,Sometimes like this weather,There will always be sunshine after the clouds pass。
Xia Jian has been in a good mood these days,Everything he did had results。Zhao Chunling got her wish and went to work at the police station in Pingyang Town,Although I am a contract worker for the time being,But she was still very happy。The purpose of serving as a soldier,Is a good place to go when demobilized。
Although she was a little unhappy in the army,But after she retires, someone can help her get such an errand,She is also satisfied。After all, for a woman in the countryside,No money and no backing,It’s harder to find a better job than to climb to the sky。
Zhao Chunling’s first day at work,So I went to Xia Jian’s office to thank you,Her excited tears are almost coming out。Xia Jian did not expect,He accidentally helped,It would make Zhao Chunling so happy。
There is another thing,It’s what Xia Jian cares about most,It is the project of developing an agricultural tourism and sightseeing area in Pingyang Town that has been favored by relevant provincial leaders.,Wei Xiaoming should be responsible for this。If not for his activities,This project will not be exposed so quickly。
quickly,The relevant leaders in the city spoke,Miss research and investigation will soon be established,Qin Xiaomin, who is in charge of agricultural projects, is the team leader,Director of the Municipal Agriculture Bureau、And the director of the Tourism Bureau as the deputy head,There are also many experts in this field。
The research team comes,Xia Jian should have accompanied them on the inspection,But he saw that it was Qin Xiaomin leader,So he gave the job to the deputy mayor Tong Jie,At the same time, he also asked Wei Xiaoming to help Tong Jie do the job well。