“Row,They also roughly agreed,Maybe some are unwilling,But that is what they found themselves。”

Qin Feng doesn’t talk too much nonsense,Because he knows that it is impossible for everything to be perfect。
“it is good,Arrange this matter,The people on my side will take over with them,When will those cars arrive,Or where is it already,To be recorded。”
Huang Junjie can’t just do things
As you like,He has his own rules for everything。
He knows that if a group has no rules,That’s sure to happen。
After all, people’s hearts are easy to change,What will happen when you are not sure。
Qin Feng also knows what to do,After handling the matter,He said to leave first,Some things should be implemented,Then implement it。
Huang Junjie didn’t stop,Qin Feng can’t run anyway。
But just when Qin Feng just left,Zhou Fan is here,He looked at Huang Junjie very carefully and said:“Boss yellow,Hello there,I am a villager here。”
“I know you,I just drove away,Back now,What happened just now,You better leave。”Huang Junjie said without raising his eyelids,He knows exactly what this person wants to do,It’s just that he looks down on such a villain at all。
Furthermore,Huang Junjie has also learned about the character of this guy from some people。
The character of this guy,That is spread in all directions。
It can be said,As long as they are human,I know that this family is a scum。
Zhou Fan said helplessly:“Boss yellow,I know you may have some misunderstandings about us,But I really want to say,Qin Feng ate some in the middle,Let us do these things,We will definitely make you big money。”
“Oh,is it?What are you going to do?”Huang Junjie understood what this guy meant right away,Are you planning to sell your fellow villagers??
“the first,I know which one will have better wealth,Which family will be close,So I will target which person’s family to do business,They also have no choice now。”