The appearance of the unknown fairy master,Let Ming Liuyin once thought it was Ming’s luck,Survived,There must be a blessing。

And where is the identity and strength of this god,It’s impossible to be fake,That’s why Ming Liuyin persuaded the fairy master to accompany him to this place,Just to prevent Zhan Lao from losing the back hand reserved for this place。
Just didn’t expect,Still didn’t understand the temper of the unknown fairy master,Otherwise it won’t happen。
but,Mingliu believes,On the insight of world affairs and the cultivation of human feelings,No one will surpass him,How to communicate with this fairy master,No one can beat him。
That’s why he just used such a gentle expression,Very euphemistically implying that the talent of the Fairy Normal University is the one who holds the initiative,And proposed to classify Lu Menglin’s people as enemies。
no doubt,Open ditch
General Skills and Language Arts,Absolutely crushed,No one here can stand by。
So after he said these few words,The whole audience is silent。
It is said that literati write like a knife,Kill with words,I finally saw it today。
Ming Liuyin is just a counselor,No power to bind a chicken,But can guide that invincible fairy master’s thoughts,Eradicate the enemy for him,Such people don’t know martial arts,He is also a super powerful person in the world。
“Fairy teacher,This person is a big trouble for China,Ask the fairy master,Kill this dog!Everyone in the world will be grateful。”Mingliu thought for a while,Shen said again。
Based on previous experience,He only needs to mention all beings,This fairy master will certainly agree,Because like this kind of cultivator,The heart of most merit and karma,Believe in the blessings of all beings。
“Kill him?Why should i kill him?I can see the gambling game clearly,Obviously he won!Could it be that you Ming wanted to kill someone?”