Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Correct,You’re right,We are for this purpose,So you need to prepare in advance over there,Otherwise, it will be bad if the time is delayed,In this way, you first pass all the brothers from the base,

But be sure to hide from Su Ran,You have to notify the sisters of Su Ran’s base,Let them prepare,Also dress up Shen Lin’s new base well,It’s best to go back and propose on the spot。”
Xiao Fan arranged everything in an orderly manner,Shen Lin couldn’t help but feel a little excited while listening,But there is also the excitement and tension of about to be married。
Here Su Ran followed Lin Yuner and Bai Chen to the flower room,Lin Yoona and Bai Chen were very acquainted and didn’t mention marriage proposal, nor did they mention marriage with Su Ran again.,A few people just chatted like that。
Of course Su Ran can’t feel something is about to happen。Shen Lin has already decided to return to the base to propose,Because he wants all the brothers and sisters in the base to see Su Ran’s happiest appearance。
But at this time, you need to ask Fan Lao this big Buddha,Let him come to Yunshi。Old Fan frowned and said:“Actually, I really don’t want to leave my villa。”
At this moment, Xiao Fan interrupted what Elder Fan wanted to say next:“Your granddaughter will do this once in her life,Is it a pity that you missed it,What do you have nostalgia for??”
Fan Lao pretended to be angry:“Since it is Poshanzhuang, don’t come。”Two people are fighting each other,Fan Lao always said that Xiao Fan couldn’t。
Gu Jin and Shen Lin were just smiling,Gu Jin also helps out suggestions from time to time,For example, what to use then,How to arrange the plane,How to arrange an air confession,What to say.
Several people are preparing intensively together,Of course the most calm one is Xiao Fan,Because Xiao Fan can always change without surprise。Shen Lin told Xiao Fan:“Fan,Do you think our air confession is using our own airplane,
Let’s rent some planes?”Xiao Fan said with a smile:“Of course it’s own,Our technicians are much better than rented ones,Why don’t you know how to use resources?”
Shen Lin scratched his head,said laughingly:“Yes yes yes,I’m too nervous。”Fan Lao looked aside and felt a little moved,Seeing how busy Shen Lin looks like this girl is busy,He thinks maybe the girl really picked the right person。
Old Fan has agreed,Then go to the base to witness their proposal,And Shen Lin already told Xiao Fan in advance,After the proposal is successful, you will be busy getting married,Xiao Fan must be married in person。
Xiao Fan said:“It depends on your ability to convince me,After all, I can’t be invited by ordinary people。”Shen Lin said with a smile:“I’ll work for you all my life,Let you send。You help us get married,
And Su Ran also respects you, Brother Fan,I treat you like my own brother again,Your marriage is the most suitable。”Xiao Fan twitched the corners of his mouth slightly,Hearing these words, his heart is warm。
In fact, even if Shen Lin didn’t say he would help them get married,Because this is his younger sibling,His relatives his friends,So he will do his best to help them,To witness their happiness。
Xiao Fan asked the sisters at Su Ran base to prepare her the clothes she needs to wear on the day of her marriage proposal,And Xiao Fan specially arranged for someone to silently record the whole process of marriage proposal,Everything is well prepared,Everything is ready,I only owe Dongfeng。
Su Ran was still immersed in the beauty of the flower room,I don’t know that the outside has become lively because of her。
Chapter Four Hundred and Sixty Five Shengshi