Those fields have nothing to care about for Qin Feng,But he was just unhappy to see these guys arrogant。

Anyway, Qin Feng said from beginning to end,Or go to court,Or don’t keep talking nonsense。
A group of people can’t help Qin Feng,Because if they go to court,,That also takes a lot of time,And if it’s like this,They just think about it,Once the vegetables from the land are worthless。
What should they do??
Not everyone has the mentality of breaking the boat,So they all considered very clearly,Pay as little as possible。
A group of people can’t help Qin Feng,In the end they could only leave in embarrassment。
As for those who want to break up,There is no way to break up。
Qin Feng is not an unreasonable person,But he doesn’t like him desperately in front,The people behind are digging his corner,Do you really think he’s brain-dead??
Fortunately, there are still some people who support him in the village,Otherwise, he is really chilling。
“Don’t think so much,Those guys are people with no conscience,Fucking,One by one saw money,That is coming desperately,But when they need to pay,Everyone runs faster than rabbits。”
“I bother,This kind of brain damage,Really makes me sick home。”
“Ugh,Stop talking about this,some
Things we think about are feeling sick。”
There are still a lot of conscience,But they only occupy part of it。
But for Qin Feng,This is enough。
After those people left,Widow Liu sneaked into Qin Feng’s house,She looked at Qin Feng with concern and said:“You have nothing to do?”
“What do i have?”Qin Feng looked at Widow Liu without understanding and asked。