Create a perfect life seven steps to simplify the soul

Create a perfect life seven steps to simplify the soul

Simplifying your life doesn’t mean you have to erase a lot of things from your life.

You even need to find your initial psychological starting point from the complexity of modern life, and thus use it as a starting point to examine your own living conditions from the inside out, and gradually simplify and return.

  It is a simple matter to remove matter. Just clean up the debris in your home.

Going to spirit is a long-term, complex project that requires you to have lasting endurance and perseverance.

The material should be simplified and the spirit should be simplified.

  Our lives are closely related to the life of the earth. Simplifying our material and spiritual means reducing the burden on the earth and practicing a low-carbon healthy lifestyle.

  As long as seven steps, simple life is in the book, the author not only provides us with a variety of simple life forms, but also tells us how to achieve this?

The state of a single life.

The seven steps that the author provides for a simple life can be done with a little more effort and with a little care. Every one of us can do it.

These seven steps are: First, everything is perfect; Second, a pause is necessary; Third, a keen sense of sensory is the key to happiness; Fourth, we can trust the process; Fifth, we are all living cells of the Earth;We can make the world a better place. Seven, we only have the present.

  To know – simple, make life better