Early next morning,Because the company has nothing to do,So under Lin Feng’s strong request,Lin Yuna rested at home。
Lin Yuna is not going to the company anymore,Then Xiao Fan, a part-time driver, is on vacation automatically.。
“Yoona,Since it’s closed today,Just go out with Xiao Fan,Don’t always be with us two old guys。”Lin Feng said。
Lin Yuner blushed,Sorry:“father,What are you talking about?We finally have a rest,Of course I want to stay with you。”
“Hahaha,okay,Yoona,Dad knows you are filial,But you and Xiao Fan are husband and wife after all,Listen to dad,Hang out,Cultivate and cultivate feelings。”Lin Feng smiled and joked。
“that,Ok!”Lin Yuna blushed and said。
Yoona Lin simply put on makeup,I went out with Xiao Fan。
Just out,Xiao Fan watched Lin Yun’er walk towards the garage,So I grabbed Lin Yuner’s hand,Said:“or,Let’s not drive out today!”
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan’s big hands just like this wrapping her sales,My face became hot all at once。
Xiao Fan followed Lin Yuner’s gaze and looked over,I actually took Lin Yoona’s hand,So quickly let go,Said anxiously:“Sorry,I,I did not do it on purpose。”
Lin Yuner looked at Xiao Fan’s hand and let go of her,There was a trace of loss in my heart。
Now I heard Xiao Fan tell him I’m sorry,I had to say:“It’s ok,You don’t mind!I,Are we husband and wife,This,Isn’t it normal??”
Finished,He blushed and walked out the door。
Xiao Fan is still immersed in what Lin Yuner said just now,What does she mean?
Lin Yuna has already reached the door,See Xiao Fan still stunned,So he shouted:“Xiao Fan,Why are you standing there stupidly,Hurry up!”
Only then did Xiao Fan react,Said:“I’ll come over now!”
Xiao Fan’s long legs came to Lin Yuner’s side in three steps and two steps,Lin Yuner asked:“If you don’t drive,How are we going out,Walk??”