It was also Zhong Yefu who pretended to help,Cheated the trust of the opposing team,Mixed into the opponent team,Then took advantage of the precious opportunity for the two-headed King Kong to burst into madness,Sudden trouble,Inside and outside,Rout the enemy team with minimal damage,I captured the Scarlet Moon gear that the double-headed King Kong burst。

And after all this is done,It was also proposed by Zhong Yeo,Give this magic ring to Longzhanye for safekeeping,Made it clear,After laying the Scarlet Moon Demon Lair,Several powerhouses come again to divide the spoils。
Long Zhanye is a very strong person.,The key is that this person has excellent face,Definitely unable to swallow the ring of Dharma God,And this move can satisfy his domineering mentality,The other two masters can also accept this arrangement。
Zhong Yeo said in a few words,Arrange everyone clearly,It can be seen that this person is resourceful,And insight into human nature,Is a born leader。
“Brother Yefu, please tell!”Long Zhanye is equally respectful to Zhong Yefu,I don’t feel dissatisfied because the other party stopped me。
Zhong Yeo’s eyes are like a torch,Did not speak,But looked carefully at the entrance of the Scarlet Moon Demon Cave。
After a while,He sighed faintly:“Everybody,Please don’t forget!There are enemies in Chiyue Canyon!If someone takes advantage of us to enter the Scarlet Moon Demon Lair,Behind the attack,Halfway,Isn’t it dangerous?”
“enemy?Where is the enemy!Now in Chiyue Canyon,I am the strongest!”Long Zhanye shouted with great pride。
Zhong Yeo smiled slightly,Reminded:“Dragon brother,Don’t forget the wooden knife,He still has half the power,Must prevent!”
“Wooden knife?Haha!you do not say,I really forgot that old thing!”When Long Zhanye heard that Zhong Yefu was worried about the wooden knife,Suddenly showed a disdainful smile。
The fire lotus god behind also smiled and said:“The wooden knife handle is not lightly injured,Where dare to mess with us?Maybe he’s already buried in the belly of the spider!”
Zhong Yeo shook his head,Tao:“The most dangerous moment,Is often the closest to victory!Don’t underestimate the enemy!”
“The wooden knife handles this person deeply,I like to be kind to others,Get fame,Those stupid people want to die for him!If someone holds a mortal heart,Make trouble when we fight monsters,Is also very troublesome。”Zhong Yefu said with a smile。
The first thousand and nine chapters Slash