Xiao Fan frowned,When will this little girl be smarter??

“It’s the jade,Your assessment is ten yuan and two yuan is required, even if you pass,We got ten pieces of jade!Your boss will definitely give you a bonus!”Xiao Fan explained。
Summer pouted,Said:“Brother Xiao,I won’t take all the jade to the jade shop,I only take two pieces of jade back to the jade line.,Send the rest to you!”
Xiao Fan turned his head in surprise,Asked:“why?”
Summer said:“Brother Xiao,You think,I also passed two jade,I also pass ten pieces of jade,Why should I give them all,Moreover,Those are all hard-chosen by you,Of course I have to give it to you!”
Xiao Fan smiled bitterly,I didn’t expect this little girl to think a lot,“but,You just gave the address to the people at Jade Field!”Xiao Fan reminded。
At this time I saw summer blinked,Said slyly:“I just left two addresses for them,Two pieces to the jade shop,I asked them to send the remaining eight yuan to the house,Hee hee,Am i smart!”
Xiao Fan is even more speechless,When I was in the jade field just now,This little girl is obviously dizzy,Now it seems that not only is she not confused,It’s rather sober!
Xiao Fan just shook his head,No more words。
Summer is an unstoppable temper,See Xiao Fan not talking anymore,He continued to ask:“Brother Xiao,My sister said you are married,is that true?”
Chapter Sixty Eight Different treatment
Xiao Fan froze slightly,He didn’t expect Xia Qing to even talk to Xia Qing。
Summer seems to feel that it’s not good for me to suddenly ask such a personal question,After all, she and Xiao Fan haven’t gotten to this point。
So before Xiao Fan answered her question,Quickly added:“Brother Xiao,Don’t get me wrong,I have no other meaning,I just think Brother Xiao, you are still so young,Shouldn’t get married so early,and so,So don’t get me wrong。”
Xiao Fan nodded,Said:“It’s ok,There is nothing to say,Your sister told you?”
Summer nodded,Although my sister told her that Xiao Fan is already married yesterday,But she still doesn’t give up,I want to confirm with Xiao Fan in person。