“Anger Slasher?”Qin Nanming was shocked,Suddenly exclaimed。

obviously,He recognizes this magic soldier!This is the legendary forty-level god soldier,Extremely rare,There are only collections in the top giants among the three great cities,Such a valuable soldier will appear in Hongliu City,Appeared in front of people like them,This news is really shocking!
The three giants of the Beigong family also looked straight,They also recognized this“Anger”,Suddenly all blood boiled,Passionate in my chest。
To know,This“Anger”But it’s a second-skilled soldier of the warrior profession!In addition to the mythical weapon, the Dragon Sword,Belongs to“Anger”Most precious。
The Dragon Slaying Knife is just a peerless soldier in myths,Whether or not there is in this world is still unknown,And this one in front of you“Anger”,But it is the strongest among the known magic soldiers,The vast majority of people present,I have never seen such a high-level weapon in my life,Not to mention reaching out and touching it。
For a time,Passionate,Almost everyone present wanted to rush up,Snatch that one“Anger”,Make it your own possession。
This“Anger”Born,The situation immediately changed,And become more subtle。
The Qin family and the Beigong family join forces to annex the Mu family,Their plan is up to now,Are implemented perfectly,Old man Mu was seriously injured,Has lost combat effectiveness,The whole Mu family is at your fingertips。
but,This“Anger”Born,The relationship and stand between the Beigong family and the Qin family,It’s different immediately。
“Anger”Only one,But there are two forces that are eligible for it,Qin Family and Beigong Family,From the partner,Become a competitor,Because they all know,Whether it is oneself,Or the other side,Will never give up fighting for this one“Anger”of!
As for the young man holding Anger Slash in front of him,Neither of the two took him seriously!
“Only one rage cut!Who should i give?”Lu Menglin shrugged,Asked with a smile。
Chapter nine hundred and twelfth Battle