Just when Fang Yu went out with the patient,The nurse and doctor who helped the attending doctor just now,Hid one after another。

“He is okay……You can take him for a comprehensive inspection!”
Fang Yu said to the attending doctor。
The attending doctor looked at Fang Yu,Look dumbfounded。
This little intern,Actually solved the patient’s problem。
“I have been fired!but,This patient is indeed not my responsibility,at this point,I want to clarify!”Fang Yu said to the patient’s family。
“It was indeed the little doctor Fang Yu who saved me!”
The patient is sure。
This time,The attending doctor’s face can’t hold back。
Fang Yu said with a cold face,“follow me!”
In fact, people looked at Fang Yu in surprise,Look envious。
This is just great,Fang Yu can stay,Maybe you can become a real doctor!
“I don’t know what you did to make him come alive……but,You an intern,Is not qualified to go to the operating room!I wanted you to stay,But violated the rules!
according to rules,You gotta go!”
The attending doctor looked at Fang Yu,Seriously。
“I know……”
Fang Yu also knows the hospital system。
No matter what,Fang Yu can’t come back here again。