The bank must provide Gaoqiang with large loans with better conditions in all aspects,Very sincere attitude,Very proactive。

I kept agitating beside me,Until the high-strength mobile phone suddenly shuts down!
The bank here immediately fluffed the duck,After a little discussion, we found out better conditions than those on the phone.!
I mean they don’t keep their promises,Don’t continue talking with them!
Gao Qiang requires the other party to specify the conditions for early collection in the agreement,Actually not too much,It’s just to prevent the previous run from happening!
I think his conditions are too loose,Quarreled with him,Ask the other party to impose more stringent conditions。
At last,Here the bank gave a compromise plan!
The loan was put down on the same day!
Gundam Group uses 20% of its shares as collateral,Got a 20 billion loan for eight years!
On the way back from the bank,Gao Qiang and I are overjoyed!
With this loan,We can flex our muscles,While the domestic real estate market is still promising,Quickly find a breakthrough to enter it,Seize the opportunity to earn more。
According to our two estimates,The real estate market in first- and second-tier cities should be in a golden period within ten years。
After the golden period,Downhill。
At that time the first- and second-tier markets were basically saturated,We have to move to third- and fourth-tier cities,Should be able to do it for a few more years。
Then decisively withdraw,Look for other opportunities。
“At that time, we will not only withdraw from the real estate industry,But our main industry must withdraw!”
I have been thinking about this industry for a long time,I believe in my own judgment。
Gao Qiang has heard my analysis and judgment on the industry,Also more convincing!
“We just follow your schedule,Also said that you are not suitable to be at the helm of Gaoda Group,But your performance is clearly more suitable than mine,It can be said to be far-sighted!”