And a lot of them don’t treat Lu Menglin

Familiar Liufang children,Inevitably I will think in my heart,This person doesn’t seem unreasonable,Lu Menglin is also Liufang’s child,He graduated from high school less than a year,Where is so much money?
Wang Shaoxiao heard these words,And the suspicious glances cast around,Angry,Shouted:“fart!I have always been in charge of Electronic City,I know best。The money to buy the land is earned by opening the game city,The first pot of gold was earned by Lu Menglin playing games,And Fat Dun, they made money from their lives in the city!”
Chubby and kid,And the old men in the Menglin Legion all know these things,Can’t help but nod their heads。
But there are still many Liufang children who don’t know about the past,Can hear,Doubtful。
Baby face laugh,Spread his hands:“what!It’s none of my business!I just remind you casually,Don’t be fooled。”
“boss,Open the table for us,eat!”Baby face loudly。
The more he doesn’t explain,Those who don’t know the truth are more suspicious。
This scene,Even the boss of Niu Ge’s food stall can’t see it,The upright middle-aged man yelled roughly:“Sorry!The shop is full,I guess I will have to wait!How about you change one!”
The baby face came prepared this time,Deliberately to stir the scene,Of course he wouldn’t go,He snarled at the table by the door。
Two big guys with bodyguards walked to the stage,One of them said in a low voice:“Hey,You are full,Let’s go!”
There are a few high school students sitting at that table,Where have you seen such a scene,A few children all stood up without a promise,Although not reconciled,But he didn’t dare to oppose face to face。
“Let’s go!What are a group of kids sitting here doing?I buried your order!”Baby face stepped forward,Lightly patted the cheek of one of the high school students,Smiled unkindly。
Those high school students don’t want to leave,Dare not leave,Twist,Rubbing towards the door little by little。
At this moment,Fat Dun has narrowed his eyes,The backbone of the Menglin Legion are also all ready,As long as Lu Menglin gives an order,They just opened the film,so many people,Clean up a few outsiders,Not a problem at all。
at this time,Curtain rolling,A few more people came in。
As soon as these people came in,I probably didn’t expect the big shed to be full,Suddenly startled。
“The place Mr. Zhou picked is really good!We have been in Liufang for so many years,Never been to this place,The business is very hot!”