Five million people,This amount is not small,But for billions of people in the entire earth world,Still a drop in the bucket。

“Only the gods are the natural enemies of the dark race,The overall strength of mankind is too far apart,Hard to win。”Xiaozhi said。
Lu Menglin pondered for a moment,Finally asked:“If I can get more land in Shenmin Continent,Gain a higher position in the gods,Can it accommodate more humans on Earth?”
“Theoretically yes,But for you,Too risky。If there are too many humans entering the Shenmin continent,The risk of your identity exposure will also increase exponentially,Once exposed,It’s hard to predict what the gods will do,So this route is not recommended。”
“Three years!”Lu Menglin secretly said in her heart。
Three years,In a flash,If I can take a larger territory in Shenmin Continent,Expand the territory of the Hongliu Mansion several times,Even dozens of times,Can accommodate more humans。
The population base has gone up,It means there are strong people among humans,Even the odds of the super strong will be greatly improved。
“in case,I must guard the earth world?Do you have any good suggestions?”Lu Menglin raised his head,Asked with piercing eyes。
Although the truth is cruel,But he still can’t accept,The earth world has completely fallen,Billions of people were massacred by aliens,This is any bloody person,Impossible to accept。
Xiaozhi did not answer for a long while,After everyone waited anxiously for fifteen seconds,Finally got an answer。
“There is a plan,But the chance of success is very low,Only one in 100,000。Are you sure you want to listen?”
“Speak!It doesn’t hurt to listen!”Lu Menglin waved his hand,Smiled。
“First of all,There must be at least one Xeon among humans,The combat power level reaches a hundred,Only in this way can you be qualified to sit down and negotiate with the Dark Race。They will only lose too much,So big that they can’t accept it and stop the war。”
“then,The strongest of the human race must remain neutral,At least let the dark race feel that he is neutral,Will not be biased towards the gods。Only three legs stand,Human race can continue to live in the earth world。”
“of course,Human power,Must be several hundred times stronger than it is now,Only qualified to hold the offensive of the Dark Race。otherwise,Besieged,Even the strongest,Also fall。”
After Xiaozhi said this,,Everyone present was silent,They cast their eyes on Lu Menglin。
if we assume,Who in the human race can reach the position of the strongest?,Then Lu Menglin will definitely be the one with the most chance。
His decision,Will directly affect the destiny of mankind,Is to choose some people to migrate to Shenmin Mainland,on one’s last legs,Recuperate,Still within three years,Generate a strong,Harmony,The Dark Race,One-third of the world?
Probabilistically,These three options don’t seem to need to think too much,Choose to let some people relocate to Shenmin Mainland,Is the most feasible。