“new York、China and the three Qiao Tianyu from Saudi Arabia,You let me watch,Where did they go,Who did you see,What did you say,You have to figure out everything for me,Report to me without a word,Do you understand?”

“Boss,I don’t think it is necessary anymore?”Sato Junji said triumphantly。
“As long as that1.4310,000 tons of gold in hand,The world’s private wealth gold is all in the hands of us and the Americans,Plus we buy as much gold as possible from the Japanese people,At that time, Qiao Tianyu will not be able to turn into gold even if he has great ability,Can’t make any waves!”
“Be careful,I always feel that the whole thing is not that simple,Qiao Tianyu must have left behind!”Lily repeatedly emphasized。
“Ok,I’ll listen to you。”Although Sato Junji doesn’t think there is any chance for Qiao Tianyu to comeback against the wind,But now that Lily has arranged,He can only follow orders。
But this time maybe Lily was really worried,Since Qiao Tianyu in Tokyo was under house arrest by Lily and others,Qiao Tianyu has always been honest、Dutiful“captivity”Reading in the room of the Arrow Sakura Group Tokyo headquarters。
And that Michelle has been quietly by Qiao Tianyu’s side,No abnormal behavior,Didn’t contact anyone,Just quietly read with Qiao Tianyu。
First0285chapter Crazy gold fight
And the other three Qiao Tianyu,Is busy all over the world。
First of all, Qiao Tianyu who returned to New York,Since the high-level meeting with the three executives of Horizon Fund in the morning,He also visited Lehman Brothers’ iron-blooded president Fuld,And Henry, a close friend of Goldman Sachs Group’s futures trading department。
And the subject is the same as the previous visit to Rubin,Just apologize for the inconvenience caused to your best friends recently。
Next is the Qiao Tianyu who returned to China,He met with the senior vice president of China Energy International Group、Old friend Li Dahaihou,I went to meet the senior vice president of China Oil Group、Old friend Huang Shuliang。
Qiao Tianyu was introduced and accompanied by two old friends,We respectively met with China Baosteel、Angang、Heads of many central enterprises including Wuhan Iron and Steel。
Anyway, Qiao Tianyu has been shuttled between the major steel central enterprises all day,Let the unknown person,I thought he was going to buy steel companies。