Fishing, leisure, exercise, fitness

Fishing, leisure, exercise, fitness


After the heavy throwing of the bait should be thrown by a small throw, the bait and the plumb will be hindered by the air and the wind.

This toxicity is closely related to the thickness of the fishing line of the bait group. The bait group makes other flight resistances just right, and the closer the landing point is.

To throw away the distance, you must use the heavy-weight bait group to overcome the heavy weight throwing away. The small bait can be inserted into an oval shape with good wind resistance to reduce the influence of air and wind.

However, the bait before the fishing can be appropriately larger, killing the rapid attracting fish to gather fish.


Adding heavy weight to the hook in the fishing, some fishing friends fishing in natural waters, worried that the use of lead pendant will hang the bottom, have used excess bait group, to avoid the reduction of the hanging bottom, not knowing the leadThe effect of the fall is not absolute positioning, but also the function of hooking the fish.

Throwing fishing is the first signal that the fisherman can bite the hook without knowing it. No one can win the first signal of the fish bite. Only after the fish hooks, the fisherman can get the fish news through the tip.

Therefore, before the fisherman does not raise the scorpion, the strength of the hook in the fish is all from the plumb bob. The behavior of the plumb bob in the fishing group entering the hook fish has a certain pulling effect. If there is no plumb bob, it will cause the hook to puncture.Inability to cause more decoupling opportunities for the fish, it is best not to use the baiting method in the fishing group, unless it is a fish with a pharyngeal tooth using a solid bait in a group of underwater fishing stones.


The empty hooks are straight and evenly distributed. Some fishermen are changing the bait for the throwing fishing group. When the line is lifted, the fishing wheel is swayed slowly and slowly. This causes the fishing line to be unloaded and tight.Loose, causing the fishing line to be irregularly divided in the line groove, it is easy to fry the line in the next throw, and it will be chaotic.

Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in every detail.

The empty take-up line keeps the reel evenly reset, so that even if the line is not loaded, it will not bury the hidden line.


The empty hooks are quick to avoid hanging on the bottom of the squid and fishing, as well as fishing, there will be empty information in the case of fish news (action), the fisherman in the eager hope to get the signal of the fish hook, emotionallyHey, when the open space is found, the hand turning the reel will be slower and slower.

When the gravity of the plumb bobs greatly retracts the force of the movement, the bare hook will bottom the hook and hook the underwater obstacles such as the sloping stone or the dead tree and the dead tree, and then the bottom will be destroyed, and the main line will be broken.Self added has the inevitable trouble.

Therefore, when the fisherman finds empty space or changes the bait, he should pay attention to the empty hook and avoid hanging the bottom.


First, the fishermen and other fish are copied into the river. When they go to the river, they rush to mix the bait and catch the fish. When the hook bait enters the water, they run to other fishing friends to chat.

When I got on the fish, I had the right to squat for a long time. When I was preparing to copy the fish, I remembered that the dip net was not installed, and I was very busy. It was very passive.

The correct way is to throw the hook bait into the fishing spot, you should assemble the dip net in time, so as not to get the fish first, and passive.