after eating,Xia Jian took the visiting team directly to the vegetable greenhouse,Then I went to the flower planting greenhouse in Zhangyang Village。Looking at the flowers blooming in the greenhouse,It really makes the visitors happy。camera,Camera all on。The magnesium light in the greenhouse kept flashing。

Before leaving,Under Xia Jian’s instruction,Ma Chuntao, on behalf of Zhang Yangcun, presented flowers to several leaders and Qin Xiaomin who came from the province,The scene was very lively for a while。The leaders laughed so much that they could not close their mouths,They are not happy because someone gives flowers,But they saw the development here。
Just when Xia Jian was about to take everyone to see the imported potato planting in the US,An agricultural expert from the province said with a smile:“Mayor Xia!There should be a very good place to go, Can’t miss this!”
Tong Jie and Wei Xiaoming accompanied,And Qin Xiaomin,The three of them all looked at Xia Jian,Waiting for his answer。Xia Jian smiled calmly and said:“This was originally planned,But can’t go these days,If there is a chance, it’s better next time!”
This expert is obviously dissatisfied with Xia Jian’s answer,He asked with a faint smile:“Why is that?Everyone is free today,Is it hard to tell from now on!”
“Oh!Is such that。How many sows in the farm are in estrus these days,Their mood is very unstable,Very grumpy,Have bitten several breeders,For safety reasons,This visit was temporarily cancelled”Xia Jian solemnly told this expert。
This kind of thing sounds ridiculous,But this is also based on science。The expert chuckled,He didn’t speak anymore,I can tell,He still doesn’t believe what Xia Jian said。
Okay,The leader from the province heard what Xia Jian said,He followed the boat:“fair enough,So many of us come to visit,Safety comes first,Then let’s go see the cultivation of this black potato now!”
Xia Jianyi listen,Then secretly relieved。When he said this,Really not sure,These words were all made up by him。
At a glance,The whole hillside is already green。Several experts from the Provincial Agriculture Department couldn’t help feeling their excitement,They rushed directly into the potato field。Watched carefully,In their eyes,This is all baby bumps。
Xia Jian took a chance,He walked to Qin Xiaomin, who was watching potatoes by the field,Asked in a low voice:“what do you mean?As if i offended you”
“How could you offend me?I offended you, mayor Xia”Qin Xiaomin finished,Then left。Where did you leave Xia Jian alone?,Fortunately no one knows what happened here just now,Otherwise Xia Jianhui will be extremely embarrassed。
Until five o’clock in the afternoon,The visiting team left Hejiaping Village reluctantly。They also want to visit Shangxiagou Village,But time is not enough for them to watch。
Once back in town,Xia Jian got into his dormitory,He is really exhausted this day。But today’s day has made him a great harvest,Because he has new ideas in his heart。
Just when he was about to sleep,Suddenly someone knocks on the door。Xia Jian shook his head helplessly,But he walked over and opened the door。
Tong Jie stood at the door,She smiled and said:“Did it bother you to rest??”
“No,You come in!”Xia Jian said,Put one side of the body。Tong Jie is no more polite,But two steps into Xia Jian’s house。
She sat on the sofa,Then said with a smile:“Secretary Lu had a minor operation today,I mean let’s go see him at night,After all, does everyone work together?!”