No fans,None of them farts!

And it’s not just about logging out,They were blocked by the entire network!
They will not be allowed to register for We-Media accounts in the future,Or use other self-media accounts to conduct various activities!
According to laws and regulations,They were all detained for 15 days。
I got another wave of fans,Sit and watch the periphery and the photographer are locked in!
Live streaming feels so cool!
I think it is necessary to enter this field,After download,Started thinking,Invest yourself as a platform,Or directly invest in other platforms!
Gundam Group already has a venture capital company,I told them my thoughts。
Manager Wu of the venture capital company called me immediately,Tell me that there is now a small live video platform called Kuaipai in the first round of financing。
The financing amount is 10 million yuan,Transfer 10% of the shares。
That is to say one hundred million!
I downloaded a snapshot to experience,Although the content is still somewhat single,But the user experience is great。
Ten million only,Not much to Gaoda Group!
I can get it even if I invest myself!
I immediately asked Manager Wu to contact Chen Dong, the boss of Snapshot Technology,Invite him to meet。