“You can’t destroy this place!I can promise,This place is stronger than anywhere outside,I guess even ordinary bombs won’t blow。”Lu Menglin smiled。

Tu Chunch shoots out with one palm,Palm strength print to the ground,But it just blows the grass on the ground down。
Even the grass here grows so tough,Not to mention the ground and rock walls,Enduring the infiltration of heaven and earth energy for years,The structure is really strong。
“Haha!Learned of the existence of this place,The Great Venerable will be very happy!”The black frame laughed loudly。
“Great Lord,Is he stronger than you??He is the leader of the secret medicine group?”Lu Menglin asked casually with a smile。
When Lu Menglin heard the black frame,Suddenly said with a solemn face:“The Great Lord is the light of human society,He is a mentor,Is the helmsman,Pioneer of human evolution!Is our leader!”
Black frame,The other secret medicine messengers all bowed their heads,Seems to be reading with him,To show infinite respect for the Great Lord。
“Kneel down!Offer the most sincere faith to the Lord!I will make an exception to let you bathe in the light of the Great Lord!”Recitation with red light in black frame。
“nausea!There is actually such a line?Are you a cult??”Lu Menglin shook his head,And took two steps back proactively,Plan to keep a distance from these people。
“court death!You are not religious!”Black frame raised his head,The eyes are full of angry flames,Screamed。
The voice has not fallen,A giant hook the size of a grinding disc appeared out of thin air,Hooked to Lu Menglin。
“Come again?”Lu Menglin flashed,The whole person was ten feet away in an instant。
Once the cat fear method is used,The speed at Lu Menglin’s feet immediately became weird and difficult to prevent,Very fast。