and also,Such unfair treatment of Julong Pavilion,I demand compensation for mental damage!”

Lu Menglin said this,The audience was in an uproar again。
All the guests felt incredible for the courage of this young man。
To know,It’s just that Mr. He is perverse,Julong Pavilion is not a waiting force,They can be said to be an extremely powerful and mysterious force in the wealthy circle on Hong Kong Island,There may be super rich people behind,Otherwise, we won’t gather so many wealthy businessmen to participate。
But now,A young man who doesn’t even know his identity,Dare to openly challenge Julong Pavilion!Accuse the other party of inaction。
This kind of behavior,Don Quixote who challenges the windmill,Regardless of victory or defeat,At least courage,He is a real knight。
Downey heard these words,My brows frowned,I thought it was a newborn calf, not afraid of tigers,Even if this kid is really good,It’s impossible to challenge Julong Pavilion。
That son of He is even more happy,I thought this silly vulture was fooled,Even Julong Pavilion dare to provoke,He is dead!Whether he has money or not,It’s impossible to help He Guang Enterprise!
“Downey,Retreat!I can prove that he is eligible to pay the money。”at this time,Suddenly a vigorous voice came from the box No. 10 on the second floor.。
Suddenly,Everyone below can’t help but look up。
The second floor box has been,Are the real homes of the rich on Hong Kong Island,Only a powerful family is eligible to own,The sound from above,Absolutely qualified to prove that young man’s words。
Downey heard this voice too,I couldn’t help but shake my whole body,I know I might have stabbed a hornet’s nest this time。
Box 10 on the second floor has been bid once,But I gave up later,Now someone in the box speaks for the young man,Did they just give in on purpose?
Let the people in the second floor box deliberately yield,It seems that this strange young man is never easy!