“Your father·Ye Benchu liked the casting technique when he was young,then,A Hakka Mountain Village in the Southwest,An old caster became famous for his ancient sword-making technique,Ye Benchu and sincere apprenticeship,Although not getting started,Stay as an apprentice,Four years of study,Daughter with the old caster·Jiang Linglong is in love。”
“at that time,Actually, it’s not just the Ye family who interfered with your parents’ relationship,Even the old caster himself does not want his daughter to marry into the rich,But your parents overcome all difficulties,Insist on combining,Gave birth to you in the second year after marriage。”
“When you were born,A gold-covered owl holds a piece of different iron,Fall on your right shoulder,Turned into a golden owl-shaped texture,Your grandfather‘Owl’The name is transferred to you,And take away the different iron and a drop of your blood,And take this iron、Blood as embryo,Began to retreat and cast the knife,This retreat,Ten years!”
“Ten years,The old cast guest has a lifelong wish,Entrust the knife to the disciple before he died,And ordered:If anyone can draw a magic knife in the future,Recognize the Lord,Not to be violated。”
“Twelve years so far,The magic sword never came out,Naturally no one knows:On the side of the blood trough,There is a last word from the old caster。”
“Cast for my grandson Xiaoer!”
Bai Ze on the road,Tells the origin of Ye Xiao and the divine sword in short sentences,Zhao Feng listening,Secretly crying wonder。
But Ye Xiao looked solemn,I don’t seem to know whether I should believe what Bai Ze said。
“This person actually knows the golden owl pattern on my right shoulder,Is from the Ye family,Don’t know the secret,Should i believe him?”
“Since the magic sword has never been out of its sheath,How would you know the side of the blood tank,There are the last words of the old caster?”Ye Xiao asked。
“Too late to explain so much,The situation is urgent now,Your grandpa’s direct disciple·Dragon scales have protected the magic sword for twelve years,Now the magic knife is coveted by gangsters,Imminent distress,Only you can save him,As long as you get the magic sword,I know that everything I say is true,If it is half false,Leave it alone!”Bai Ze seems to foresee the latest situation of Dragon Scale,The look became serious。
“If you dare to lie to me,No one in the world can protect you!”