[How to make colorful buns]_How to do_How to do

[How to make colorful buns]_How to do_How to do

When many people see colorful steamed buns, they will feel that they have added pigments. In fact, colorful steamed buns are made with natural ingredients.

Many moms like to make colorful buns for their children.

Children also like the colorful buns very much.

Many people make colorful buns in a single color. Today, we will introduce the practice of colorful buns. I hope everyone can make delicious colorful buns.

On the weekends, the steamed buns are made into new shapes, which are nutritious, delicious, and delicious. The key method is super simple!

This little crab bun is very cute. The children saw it very much. They ran over and danced and happily picked up one and couldn’t be happier. They scooped up cheerfully. The fragrant feeling was pumpkin and purple potatoIt’s all healthy and natural, so family members eat more healthily.

-Materials required- 50g flour of old noodles, 400g of pumpkin, purple potato, alkali, and alkali. Steps: add water and flour to make hair dough, take part of the dough and add pumpkin puree to make yellow dough.Do n’t add purple mashed potatoes and turn the purple dough into white dough. Roll it into an oval yellow dough and knead it into strips of the same length. Put it on the white dough and fold up the white dough.The bow decoration is decorated with peppercorn grains in the corresponding parts. After putting it in the steamer, you need to cover it. Put it on the gas and steam it on the fire for 20 minutes. The cute crab soup can be served.Other colors can be as long as they look good. Food is inseparable from everyone’s life. There are too many ways to eat food now. Everyone is constantly learning and improving. Food is also different. Different people experience different practices., Has been changing, different people have different tastes, although the taste is different, but there are no fewer people who like it. For food, like is food, welcome to leave a message, comment, exchange,Together learn together more food!