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  Han Zhen wipe her eyes stayed tears, whispered: “not worth ah, if they do not value your life, then do not when they are a good family!Do not take them too seriously, if there were no people treat you, then you yourself treat yourself, not because they gave up their lives!”

  Siniang hoarse opening chapter: “You know,?I think that my father humiliated, do not ask me why it was to die Ming, butGouqietousheng; engag北京夜网ement Imperial College libation my brother’s daughter, he was afraid my presence will ruin this marriage, I do not recognize the pro-sister; my mother said I was still alive, would delay the marriage of sisters at home, only when I He is dead!”
  Her mother in tears, but her arms to plug some money, it’s cruel to let her go.Is she for these few pieces of silver back to you?She also knows her family will appear difficult to do, she did not want to affect their life, she was just too miss my family, and his father’s rebuke, his mother’s arms, remember Li Gege’s favor, as well as a baby sister!
  Just look at her, in front of the attic smell of plum blossom once lived, she would then leave quietly!
  But she never knew that they would be so mercilessly torn miss her warmth, her heart fiercely to insert the knife, the family is supporting her faith to live.At this moment, she really Xinrusihui, came from thousands of miles, drunk instantly crushed, better to return!
  ”Are you willing to do?Is it all your fault you, is it you want to be abducted person, I want to experience all of this misfortune?”Han Zhen holding her hand, gently:” You are not wrong, wrong is this troubled world, a world situation.Do not give in right?No amount of suffering to come by, and those have to fall under the tongue it?”
  ”But merciless tongue, exceedingly to deepen the sword, are there any interest alive!”Worldly suffering, her family is even worse, Chapter Siniang just feel alive too tired.
  Chapter Siniang looked confinement eyes, Han Zhen felt reconciled, God be unfair of her to repeat itself!She has the wisdom, courage, kindness, why not live!
  Han Zhen know she sometimes can not accept this blow, but she’s strong flexibility of the yard, as long as the crossed this threshold will be alright.
  Chapter Siniang body suffered damage in the end, Han Zhen sent back to the palace got a green fang, so she takes good care of arrangements for the people.Because of a bad move, can only temporarily stay in Medical Center.
  Etc. A few days later, Zhang Siniang body recover some, Han Zhen took her to a place.
  This remote and desolate, hanging above a plaque that reads ‘Green Park’.
  Inside hurried out of a person, it leaves out, he was first sent to the earlier Han Zhen people to work, he has been responsible for good things to do in Beijing in.Received no such shelter orphans, has been on the ‘Green Park’ possessor.
  Including other good works, as long as the Han Zhen within the scope of its capacity, he hesitate to out of some money, which has been handed over to Ye Ming responsible.
  There’s orphans have been abandoned by their parents baby girl, born with a disability have been discarded, there would not speak, have their limbs broken, and in the most ancient times to sell their labor-oriented society, their limited living南宁桑拿 space sigh the.
  Their life from birth on the doomed tragic, maybe even a day of blessing have not enjoyed.
  Han Zhen took Siniang eleven chapters look at the past, most of the children is the ability to not live alone, leaves out most folks take some simple blue from there, basically they can be said to be the possessor of white.
  Chapter Siniang numb look fretting, she really is a gentle and soft-hearted woman.

  Yes, this is your mother should be clever bracelet that year to personally give warm nine to do, it is to protect the safety of Wen Jiuping.

  ”I Niangqin.”After the warm nine identified only straightened up, with the help of wood and A star, left the graves.
  Year-old’s original owners certainly did not think she had no intention to do their own Niangqin tied bracelet, it will be after so many years, became the basis of her own to find Niangqin.
  For Niangqin feelings, awareness and early warm nine original owners of integr南宁夜网ation, a clever thought your mother should have been dead, but also suffered so much humiliation, she could not help the tears fell down.Real little sister online service to help you find the book to accompany you to chat, micro / letter / search / heat cable network text or rdww444 waiting for you to tease?

  730 most traditional way

  Wen nine could not help but put aside eye toward Hou three squatting on the ground.
  Is this damn ghouls who, before she let him suffer such treatment Niangqin!
  Obviously it should be put to rest, but in death, was with the ghost marriage, married to a stranger dead!
  Hou three squatted next to the grave moment, only to find a woman standing not far from the edge of the grave, towards him revealing a chill eyes.
  This woman obviously looks looks somewhat fragile, but her eyes than that of the Hou three dozen half-dead people, it seems more terrible terrorist.
  Hou three could not help but shudder, after a layer of cold sweat on her own.
  Arrived in this industry, over the years, Hou three can be said that the cemetery as their familiar home, will be here every night looking for something to step on dead bodies, he done such a thing for so many years, the cemetery has never been afraid but now he was scared half to death the woman’s eyes.
  ”Grandpa, Miss mercy, small did not mean to do this wicked thing, that is to beg for a mealSmall under the old and small, but also small urge Miss uncle Rao a life.”
  This is not a fool Hou three children, could see himself that year to that body of a woman, that is, the temperature should Niangqin nine, so now he knelt in front of moxa, kept at him kowtow apology, hope It can be forgiven.
  Hou three so as, of course, did not allow the temperature to become soft-hearted nine.
  She hurt people Niangqin, warm ninety-one will not let go.
  But now, it would not be chasing Hou three responsibilities when they come here, except to be clever to find after your mother’s corpse, there is a more important purpose, find a corpse, they have autopsy.
  And now, A star has been pulled from the arms already prepared needles, jumped into the coffin.
  An autopsy method is very simple, it is to use the most traditional way, with a piercing needles into bones.
  As long as people are poisoned to death, the toxin will be left in the blood of bone, even death for many years, the remains have become flesh and blood, it will not disperse toxins.
  As long as there are toxins on the bones, then the needles will naturally turn black.
  Needles are soft, and the bones are hard, piercing with needles of bone, has always been a bit difficult, however, A star with the internal forces blessing, very well put long needles piercing the bodies of the clavicle.
  After waiting some time, A star only then pull the needles out of bones.
  Wen nine torches do not have to close, it will be able to moonlight light to see clearly, that portion of the surface of the needles inserted into the bone, have become black.
  Obviously, Qiao Niang should be poisoned and killed.
  This confirms,苏州桑拿论坛 she left behind a suicide note the contents of that letter is unmistakable.
  Although this result is warm nine had expected to, but this thing without a doubt was confirmed when the nine still warm from the foot can feel a surge of anger kindled, until the top of the head, let her blood almost boiling up.

  Amassing he杭州夜网论坛sitates.

  Cao Xinxin asked patiently amassing, amassing concerns began to realize that, “You can only worry about hee hee a little sister, little sister can stop other?Amassing, do not you tube with them that way, you will be able to hug them.A person responsible for their care.For example, a small pomegranate under my control.”
  Amassing doubt, “but they call me brother.”
  ”Courtesy call ah, not really brother and sister.”Cao Xinxin gentle explanation.
  Amassing relieved, “hug is possible.”Stretched out his arm, one by one hugged Farah small, small small jasmine and pomegranate, three little girls giggling happy.
  Ran Ran and twists also asked to embrace, amassing nor willing, “the two big men, so nauseating.”But the twists and younger do not understand his refusal to tiptoe little face upturned seeking hug, accept their hospitality, amassing had a virtual hug a little.Since twists hold, leaving Ran Ran does not seem a good, symbolic also hugged.
  ”The new adorable baby good fun.”
  ”He does not hold little sister who can not speak because so many hearts, 233,333″
  ”Do not hold then ran and twists are the two big men too mushy!Ha ha ha ha ha.”
  ”He looks good to see.”
  ”Nice, we just outrageous.”
  Amassing this new faces emerge, they captured the hearts of countless viewers.

Chapter 49
  The first day of the event is to mountaineering village, who first advanced the village draw lots, with the drawing of lots to decide the result of Accommodation.
  Dinner should be set according to the amount of a reward.
  Program group and broadcast platforms and cooperation Youyou Angels Foundation, the guests were divided into six teams, respectively, in the six Hill climb down, one for each 北京SPA会所studio.The resulting live among a reward, will be donated to the Youyou Angels Foundation.
  Youyou Angels Foundation is a charitable organization for children, financing target for sick children from poor families, disabled children, Li Heng was founded by the well-known entrepreneurs, has been established thirty years, funding for children over one hundred thousand patients.
  The guests is not easy, to side with small children climbing into the village, 赶早不赶晚, while also considering the program can be ornamental, warm up the audience’s emotions.
  Cheng Yu do not hurry up the hill to pick some flowers, and for amassing hee hee compiled a wreath on his head.
  Love beautiful hee hee wearing a Corolla, wearing small glasses, went to the stream edge according to a photo of his image very satisfied, “Oh, it’s beautiful.”

  Jin Yu as they passed by, only to watch it, even gracious home and no one to participate in the expedition, it is not totally excited.

  That’d hit the enemy lair of news, so Jin Yu pay more attention to some, thinking that before the influx of large numbers of people to the town of willow, it is likely that the border war was hurt innocent people.
  Now the war has passed, and that this Ryu Jin probably also without incident, and without war, always a good thing.
  ”This two year test, which is hard to read the eyes of myself!”
  ”Although bitter point, but opportunities ah!Do not wait another three years will try, maybe in our town but also out of a dollar it will!”
  Some people have not come back to life!
  Jin Yu listen to those who relish, my heart is not consciously think Li Wenxuan to his qualifications, this problem will not try to estimate.
  ”If Jin Tianzao go to school for two years, then this time Enke, Zhibuding have a chance.”
  Xu was infected with the atmosphere, can not help but excited and said Erni.
  ”Little Jin days old, do not worry.”
  Let-year-old was the child of less than six months to learn to take a scholar, it is not encouraged, but destroyed, Jin Yu can not think, obediently accepting a decade studying hard right.
  Three wind before the last three rows of goods, Jin Yu also went off to a restaurant, Du old doctor left myogenic burns remove scar treatment drugs, just to Ling Yan with child.
  Erni at the door and did not go the full position t, mainly looked at the full warehouse tertiary glorious lintel, as well as robes of silk jade diners, felt a commoner into inappropriate.
  And then there is their own ErniThe plan, if that child h深圳桑拿网ad to Ling Yan Scheming heart alert, regardless of the sub-Ling Yan Yu Jin come back to save the life and death, I would have offset the original concerns that point, and try to fix faint little meaning.
  Jin Yu can understand Erni mind, do not go in about a quarter of an hour will be able to come out, he himself entered into the restaurant off to.
  ”Daughter ah!Here is the original business of restaurants and Jin Yu ah?”
  Mancang t is the first time such a place, leaning wheelbarrow and Erni Dunzaiqiangjiao father and daughter, and asks.
  ”This is also with us went to the restaurant game, the East family these days.”
  ”I was not ah!This large and elegant, not ordinary people can get to know.”
  ”You see a good father, Jin Yu craft alone, get to know what one or two noble count, that this time we have seen princes.”
  Erni in deep conversation, the trip to Tainan can say that a pass, was told Jin Yu had avoided arson.
  ”This is either the daughter body to be married, she later also a great man ah!”
  ”Jin home mother, forcing her to marry again, so this old lady can not corpuscles moment it!”
  ”Right now is not corpuscles, Jin Yu of cooking recipes eye-catching, can make money of things, how it will let the old lady.”
  If the past is not Mancang tert these, but her daughter followed behind apprentice Jin Yu, shoulder the responsibility of traditional recipes, but also to talk about his daughter reminded not to get there when the old lady Jin Yu formula, to come looking for Erni, the time to remember to keep a secret.
  ”This lady really bad!He did not see the value of a put people out the door, and now had the face to come to the recipe.This is also good temper Jin Yu did not say anything, I do change, then a direct hit out!”
  After that father and daughter downstairs to avoid the restaurant door, without prejudice to the restaurant business on the line, not knowing the two conversations were greeted Jin Yu upstairs, waited at the window of the second floor listening to the positive with Gu Sheng.
  The old lady is the farmers are eager to thrive and live a rich life, not to mention originally sheltered master, Gu Sheng child feel that they had done some ulterior main fact of the matter is.
  Jin Yu into the tearoom upstairs, quietly surrounded the house herbal, Gu Sheng Ling said a statement yesterday palpitations child has committed time, today people stuck atop a bed.

  Lin Zhou Weimin two northbound and do not want to waste time on those little game from the start, beginning from hunting grounds all the way into the depth of search.However, the search have not gone smoothly, an hour has passed no gain.

  Two teams in the depths of hunting territories, contempt ridicule each other a lot, time to move on, met two black bear.
  Finally, Lin northbound unharmed, Zhou Weimin at the cost of an arm injury, and each had a black bear hunting.
  Zhou Weimin changed in the past that kind of cold and reticent child’s appearance, though hurt his arm, the people are very excited, kept the Kai Emperor described the scene at that time: “Fu Huang, I wanted to be a big hunt, but that black bear rushed over when still a little ignorant, dodge arm was caught it a little, afraid of hurting a few of them to me, and sometimes some not open display, this time a brother Lin shot over, just hit this black bear’s throat, this time the fall black bear come down on me, I thought I was going to die of it!”
  Kai Emperor has not looked at his face to wipe the blood, his face grim.
  ”The second head when I had the experience, Lin brother has taught me the recipe, I personally cut its throat.”Zhou Weimin flashed the dagger inserted in the shoe, licked his lips, eyes have light beating.
  Xiao Ruan chuckled at the si广州桑拿网de.
  Zhou Weimin in the end only thirteen years old, met to forget something to be excited about his disguise, the ability to completely become a show off in front of their parents of children.
  Kai Emperor face of joy, anger is hard to determine, light tunnel: “dare to challenge with a small dagger black bear, you’d quite ability of.”
  Zhouwei Xi assumed the appearance of a big brother, the lower plate to face lesson: “The fourth brother, daughter, son saying sit down together, this adventure you really defective, if there is a case, not to make you sad Fu Huang?The next must not.”
  Zhou Weimin eyes of excitement gradually extinguished the flames down and stood there without saying anything, to look down the cold and the Zhouwei Xi.
  Zhou Wei Ji also cool to provoke the next sentence: “fourth brother, big brother although some preaching love, but also for Hello, you do not listen to nothing.”
  Zhou Yi Nymphoides smiling smooth things over: “His Royal Highness Prince filial piety is commendable, but four Highness young and fit, they will be admired ancestors once all-powerful in the day, His Majesty wants to pull out of this autumn hunting of the first prize, is a good boy.”
  Kai Emperor’s face slightly Ji: “Really?According to Zhenkan, this arrangement and he did not just want to own a lot of fun Bale.”
  Zhou Weimin Min Zhaochun, face expressionless, his eyes in weeks Nymphoides skimming over who should have actually looked over towards the Xiao Ruan.
  They transfer of four items, Ruan Xiao secretly worried, rightly towards him than a gesture, the thumb pointing Kai Emperor.
  The child could there not silly?This time, why should not seized the opportunity to say a few words to Kai Emperor nice flattery, hunting will be presented to His Majesty the black bear it?
  Zhou Weimin eyes stiff stiff, finally spoke up: “Fu Huang, I cut his throat with a knife that black bears, the only one thought in mind, this year’s winter, finally presented personally to Fu Huang nourishing the body tonic, which paws, bear bone do not know how we go to eat, going to ask the imperial doctor to do.”

  Qiong do not know the meaning of them, but still nodded: “The sister-in-law, I do not worry, I’ll wait for you outside and aunt.”

  Qiyue Song breath, holding instruments rushed into the mine yard, the yard was scared hop trio, Ray Aoyama He Wen: “Qijia girl, what are you doing?”
  Qi Yue did not care about his feelings, she rushed into the house Leijia Tang, raising his hand struck the left side of the main room leaves aunt’s room: “aunt, you are inside it?”
  Open the door crunch, Ye Yingmei eyes red, his face seems to be hastily wiped away tears, her mute the voice asked her: “Yue Yue you back something to do?”
  Qi Yue looked down at her hands unfolded stationery, Ye Yingmei be aware of, and immediately break up.
  Ray Castle then chase into the main room, saw the tears on her face, as well as the letter in her hand, frowning asked: “What are you crying, but where’s the letter in your hand?”
  Ye Yingmei stationery will be folded into the pocket, did not respond to questions Aoyama Ray, Ray Castle affronted, strode forced over, Qi Yue sideways to block him: “I want to talk about Lei Jun things aunt, uncle also came to listen to it?”
  Ray froze look Aoyama.
  His whole life, the most hated and most fear is Lei Jun, the stepson.
  Six months ago, he turned away Ye Yingmei hidden in the closet of hundred dollars, Lei Jun bastard put one foot to kick a hole in the door, the hole in the door or in the six weeks ago Kuang-tsu only make up a piece of temporary marriage wood block.
  As long as he turned round, you can see that piece patch on the opposite door, looking at the front of Castle Peak mine with that bastard as a nuisance but look fragile girl, a rough breathing, eye shot fiercely, Yeying Mei Li Qi over Mara Wyatt Cover, Nu Sheng scold: “Ray Castle, do you want?I tell you, you have to dare to accompany the military child daughter a hair, not military child back, his aging mother told you desperately!”

  Chapter 456 down

  Ye Yingmei if nursing cubs hens general, a hard posture, stunned Ray Castle subconsciously back half a step, and soon they Xiunao: “You take me for what people, I can hands-on juniors?”
  Ye Yingmei sneer look to Ray Castle, apparently do not believe him.
  ”Believe it or not!I do not bother with your woman has general knowledge!”
  Ray Castle cursed, turned and strode out of the main room, see Dunzaiqiangjiao glimpse of Lei Guangzu, suddenly ga北京桑拿s is not one to play, one foot kicked Lei Guangzu rushed past: ”
  You unpromising things you get when you have a monthly wage, there is no stage a popular hot drink?Still waiting for you to marry that pungent food goods from the rope back to her parents?”
  Lei Guangzu been skinned depressed, did not dare to refute, he jumped up and ran out carrying tools.
  Ray Aoyama do not vent, look down not leave his shrewish mouth Qin Sanmei goods, the latter body twist: “I am back home today.”
  Then, it is twisted back out of the courtyard.
  Ray Castle pissed, Bickering took tools, but also out of the courtyard.
  Just a few steps out, see not far from the large post caps, as ah youth on the edge of the large post cap, he did not know, only when it is together with the big post cap.
  I saw the police, Ray Castle subconsciously nervous, but soon a self-comforting himself an honest man, have not done the slightest offense committed discipline thing, even if police can not arbitrarily take him.
  Such a thought, he confidently go forward, but quickly bypass the public security at the time of going passing, quickly go.

  Natural disasters often are not as man-made disasters.

  The purpose of the Forum is to expose some natural event fraud scam Zhuangshennonggui.Forum could not understand most of these young people, but also more willing to challenge pierce, Chu strings are very grateful for their work together, so she gathered a lot of information about similar incidents nationwide.
  Which really caught some of the feng shui community scourge scum, of course, those who really supernatural feng shui problem, Chu also quietly pulled the strings to solve.
  Science can be resolved on the use of science, science can not explain, wearing a hat to science get.
  Forum where people know almost all the strings Chu professionals, the profession refers to the science, and the responsibility and has been pushing for the vice president.
  There she was, at least the formal point of this forum.
  In the accompanying solves several big events, forums have gradually reputation.People join from three melon two dates the beginning, but also expanded to a hundred people, and it is almost always a variety of industries, some are interested in get rid of feudal superstition to solve supernatural events, some of their troubled by this kind of thing in solving whether it is or what the gratitude of curiosity, have stayed.
  These have become the source of information Chu string.
  Chu Feng Shui sector dealings with the chord not very natural feng shui community what news she also difficult to know.
  Father Chu Chu Chu Liang home because do not want to meet again feng shui, feng shui circles even if Chung-hing, and has not previously contacted a network of friends or old, Chu string, too, even if it is a广州桑拿fter school have achieved, because his grandfather’s sake never thought.
  She studied Feng Shui metaphysics, just to complete simple tasks and hobbies, do not care about fame or something, but these days, to catch the real skill of feng shui, mostly fame and profit, what she was not missing, is not necessary spend time on the famous feng shui community.
  Today the forum has a reputation, Chu string can get the information she wanted, and not to deal with the Feng Shui community of people.
  But probably it is too well known forum, and several large cases are dominant chord Chu, have spread to schools.
  Of course, the school’s leader, Professor Chu string genius, the future pillars of the country as a baby, as they are worried that this will affect the network of small organizations chord Chu’s reputation, after all, people online so complicated, do not even know, in case the use of Chu string how do.
  So Chu also specifically looking for a bit string to communicate.
  However chord Chu said this is her hobby.
  In the understanding of past holidays Chu string spare time on such activities often, after not a whim, school leaders and professors thought, this is probably more special scientific spirit of it.
  Well, anyway, studying science freak lot.
  ”Great God in it?”
  She is president of the knock Yue Hui, also the founder of this forum.

  White-month closing hear the sound of a quiet face suddenly become somewhat grim, “I have not changed!”

  Change is wooden Jiang morning, he had for her thousands by Baishun, he likes her, he said she now all kinds of bad.
  He looked like several South Fei Fei for her, did not he like her?
  White Moon suddenly a panic, my heart feels empty,.
  She knew she was like Yin Luo都市夜网 wind, wood Chiang Chikuma this morning just as the big brother in general, but thought he might like another woman, might even like South Fei Fei, she would not feel reconciled.
  No, she would not allow that to happen!
  On the other side, south Fei Yu also received news that White Moon attempted suicide, was taken to hospital, is now out of danger.
  But her good girlfriends who started broke the news online, said the explosion had video is south Fei Fei, she condemned the violation of other people **, depriving the White Moon could not bear the pressure of suicide, and her family Zaoren pointing, not dare to go out!
  Then they made a long post, heads of state, wrote a poignant love story.
  Yin Luo wind fell in love five years, the result was get involved in South Fei Fei, resulting in two separate, now meet again still杭州夜网 can not erase the love between each other.
  So, online public opinion has slowly turned a direction, some people began to sympathize with white month.
  Nan Fei Yu also read some comments online, to see that someone bribed a number of marketing, as well as navy to guide public opinion.
  So, she smashed a sum of money.
  No. marketing, Buy, navy, Buy, news reports, Buy, trending, buy!
  Less than half a day, month those good white girlfriends who was pressed down.
  White Moon and Luo Yin wind to break away from the fact that she is married and wind Luo Yin fact, I still have not divorced, White Moon came when a small three want to win, and also the fact that Luo Yin wind derailed, but also the fact that.
  Speak louder than words.


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  Qi Qi Yue grabbed the old lady, taking feet to run fast, he will hand over the notification woman flung behind.

  Regulating the family has not been into the old house, she heard a scream of pain sound WANG Gui-qin,
  Qi Yue heart of a radical, carrying a medicine chest first step burst into the courtyard, rushed to the three-bedroom dwelling west wing, into the head is Wang Guiqin down on the bed, holding his stomach pain scream, liquid flows out between her legs.
  ”Qi Yue, Qi Yue save me ah.!”
  WANG Gui-qin saw her and rushed her to reach out for help, and the next moment the pain cried.
  Qi Yue set foot in the door, she can not move, tingling in the scalp, body trembling.
  ”Qi Yue shocked you doing!Your aunt came to the rescue!”Let the old lady came a step slow, a direct push her, she will advance room.
  The refuse is Qi Yue from the horror of the launch, she immediately stepped forward to hold Wang Guiqin shoulders, and rushed Sarkozy old lady said: “Grandma, we go to bed together to lift aunt.”
  Qi old woman immediately stare at her: “What on bed?Which children go to bed with a woman?Take dry straw to lay on the ground on the line!”
  Qiyue Li engraved retorted: “the presence of dry straw barn on the edge, there is unsanitary, how to give Aunt use?It will be any death!”
  ”Health is not a dry straw how?Some women also direct students in the bucket urinals, have not seen who the bad!You give your Aunt stop the pain, I’ll go get dry straw!”Let’s finish taking the old lady feet and ran out, did not give the opposition the opportunity to Qi Yue.
  Qi Yue This aligns the old lady was not expected, and she effortlessly helped WANG Gui-qin said: “Aunt, I’m not strong enough to hold not move you, if you have strength, raised his legs, I help you up.”
  Wang Guiqin pain shook his head: “I, I have no energy.Can not move.I do not want birth to ah.!”
  Shrill cry so loudly Qi Yue scalp tingling, but not delay, they reach out directly to the quilt from the bed and ripped off spread to the ground, while Wang Guiqin will move in the past, but this time it has been screams of Wang Guiqin gripped her hand : “No, no quilt shop.After not starting up.So you get dry straw grandmother.”
  Qi Yue is a two to quilt their approach to life not angry, but also knew it would not argue with Wang Guiqin time, just promise: “When Aunt gave birth to a child, I immediately send you a new quilt.”
  Wang Guiqin pain or because I do not know anything else, the tears flowed, but did not let go of Qi Yue’s hand, she struggled authentic: “This quilt is not lost.”
上海夜网  Qi Yue only when she could not bear quilt, immediately nodded and said: “OK, do not lose.”
  Wang Guiqin That let go, she moved Qiyue Li engraved on the quilt, quilt Wang Guiqin grabbed the top left corner, what seems to touch, look for a moment of relaxation.
  At this time, the old lady next door to drive over, saw Qi Yue so spoil quilt, exclaimed: “You do not understand what this little girl, how to use quilt pad under the body of pregnant women, unlucky.”
  Pregnant women can not roar, but by no others Qi Yue durability patience: “amniotic fluid are broken, and also control what auspicious inauspicious?Midwife it?When midwife to?”
  He shouted the old lady next door she was surprised a moment, and heard her midwife asked, patting thighs and said: “There is not any midwife, you did not even go for regulating the family midwife.”
  Qi Yue completely anxious: “No midwife how students?This will send clinics are too late!”
  ”You’re not a doctor yet?Well, you give her baby.”The old lady next door says for granted.
  Qi Yue heard this to blow up: “I was a medical student, but I have not seen children, did not give a delivery too!”
  An old lady next door she also anxious words: “how to do?This will be too late to find a midwife ah!”
  ”Help me Qi Yue, Qi Yue.what!”Wang Guiqin distress and pain, then poured cried, between his legs out of the amniotic fluid has wet quilt, but she did not open crotch.